10 Facts About Amiga 500


Amiga 500, known as the A500, is the first low-end version of the Amiga home computer.

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Amiga 500 was sold in the same retail outlets as the Commodore 64, as opposed to the computer store-only Amiga 1000.

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The Amiga 500 Plus was virtually identical except for its new operating system, and in mid-1992, the two were discontinued and effectively replaced by the Amiga 600.

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Amiga 500 has a "trap-door" slot on the underside for a RAM upgrade .

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All versions of the AAmiga 500 can have the additional RAM configured as chip RAM by a simple hardware modification, which involves fitting a later model Agnus chip.

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Likewise, all versions of the AAmiga 500 can be upgraded to chip RAM by fitting the chip and adding additional memory.

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Amiga 500 was the best-selling model in the Amiga family of computers.

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The Amiga 500 was widely perceived as a gaming machine and the Amiga 2000 a computer for artists and hobbyists.

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Amiga 500 Plus is a revised version of the original Amiga 500 computer.

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The AAmiga 500+ featured minor changes to the motherboard to make it cheaper to produce than the original AAmiga 500.

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