18 Facts About Amiga software


Amiga software is computer software engineered to run on the Amiga personal computer.

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Amiga software covers many applications, including productivity, digital art, games, commercial, freeware and hobbyist products.

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In 1985 Commodore licensed the Amiga software called Transformer from Simile Research and put it on the market in January 1986, bundled with an external A1020 5.

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In 1986 Amiga software products contributed to the Amiga's success as a game and multimedia machine.

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The Amiga software market moved in favor of entertainment over professional software.

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At the summer Consumer Electronics Show, the Pro Draw graphic tablet with mouse emulation Amiga software was announced, as well as Flash-Back and Quarterback hard drive backup Amiga software.

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Amiga created productivity software which covers graphics, video, design and CAD software; graphic utilities; vector graphics programs and converters; word processors; programmable text editors; database and spreadsheets; science, entertainment and special use programs: entertainment; fractals, virtual reality, artificial intelligence; route planning; personal Organizer, notebook, diary software; personal budgeting, home banking and accounting.

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Music Amiga software includes sound design; audio synthesis; music; audio digitizing and sampling; hard disk recording; speech synthesis; audio trackers; MOD music module filetype.

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Solutions include modem Amiga software, Direct Connect, BBS managing, Fidonet, Packet Radio; Prestel, Videotel, Videotex, Minitel; Teletext, Televideo, Viewdata; FAX, answering machine and voice mail; ISDN; networking and Ethernet protocols; World Wide Web ; communication protocols.

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Amiga software supported SANA-II and MNI drivers, Envoy protocols from IAM, AS225, AS225r2 TCP-IP from Commodore, DECnet, Novell NetWare through Amiga software Client for Novell NetWare, Quicknet fast proprietary peer to peer protocol, AppleTalk through emulators.

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Young Amiga software users spotted docks on Archimedes at school and asked for it on Amiga software.

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When this software was released, Amiga magazines proclaimed that it was the most important software ever released for the Amiga and "should be built into the operating system".

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The Amiga software thrived on public domain, freeware and other not-for-profit development.

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Many of the arguments pertaining to Amiga software copying, intellectual property rights in Amiga software, the open-source movement by the early 1990s.

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Standard disk-imaging Amiga software ignored these tracks, so that a duplicate of a boxed disk would not contain the key and the Amiga software would not work.

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Copy Amiga software called "nibble" copiers appeared that could exactly reproduce such disks.

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Some Amiga software manufacturers asked users to type a word from a particular page number and line number of the manual, meaning that successfully copying Amiga software included photocopying a large quantity of text.

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Pirates responded with "cracking" Amiga software that altered the code to bypass copy protection completely.

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