10 Facts About Pirates


Pirates engaged in a number of different schemes to make a living.

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Pirates who accepted the Royal Pardon from the Chola Empire would get to serve in the Chola Navy as "Kallarani".

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Pirates became the last major target of the international anti-piracy operations.

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Pirates's flagship was a captured French slave ship known originally as La Concorde, he renamed the frigate Queen Anne's Revenge.

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Pirates had a system of hierarchy on board their ships determining how captured money was distributed.

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Pirates felt cheated and had it broken up to match what they received.

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Pirates tended to kill few people aboard the ships they captured; usually they would kill no one if the ship surrendered, because if it became known that pirates took no prisoners, their victims would fight to the last breath and make victory both very difficult and costly in lives.

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Pirates's patron was Queen Elizabeth I, and their relationship ultimately proved to be quite profitable for England.

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Pirates boarded the vessels in 114 cases and hijacked 34 of them.

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Pirates were legally subject to summary execution by their captors if captured in battle.

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