39 Facts About Amos Hochstein


Amos J Hochstein was born on January 4,1973 and is a US businessman, diplomat, and lobbyist.


Amos Hochstein was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in 2011 and as Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs.


In 2015, President Barack Obama nominated Hochstein to be the Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources but the Senate did not act on the nomination.


Amos Hochstein served in the administration from 2011 to 2017.


Amos Hochstein serves on the boards of the Atlantic Council and US-India Business Council.


Amos Hochstein is a former member of the supervisory board of Ukrainian Naftogaz, from which he resigned in October 2020 by writing an opinion piece that highlighted the return of sabotage in the form of corrupt forces.


Amos Hochstein was born in Israel, the child of American Jewish immigrants.


Amos Hochstein began working as a foreign policy adviser to Democratic Party members of the US government House Foreign Affairs Committee from 1994 to January 2001.


Amos Hochstein is married to Julie Rae Ringel; they have four children together and live in Washington DC His wife works for the Georgetown University Continuing Education School in the executive leadership coaching program.


On Capitol Hill, Amos Hochstein first served on the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs staff.


Later, Amos Hochstein served as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives.


Amos Hochstein worked as a Senior Policy Advisor to then-Governor Mark Warner, and later as Policy Director for Senator Chris Dodd.


Amos Hochstein joined Dodd's team in the beginning of 2007 and was the Policy Director during his 2008 Presidential campaign.


Amos Hochstein argued that the economic sanctions had to be maintained while conceding that it was necessary to "humanise" those sanctions.


The outlines involved prisoner releases, substantial public investments in health care and education and Amos Hochstein coordinated the communication of these points with and between Equatorial Guinea's leadership and the State Department.


Amos Hochstein defended the Obiang regime in an interview with the Washington Post.


Amos Hochstein stated that the development and support of the democratic process in countries like Equatorial Guinea must be supported and that Western states cannot expect changes of long-standing political realities overnight.


Amos Hochstein began working at the US Department of State in 2011, joining the newly formed Bureau of Energy Resources.


Amos Hochstein oversaw the Office of Middle East, Asia and Europe, the Western Hemisphere and Africa.


Amos Hochstein worked closely with officials at the White House's National Security Council and other government agencies.


Amos Hochstein encouraged European countries to find new oil, gas, coal, and nuclear sources, to alleviate their dependence on Russian energy.


Amos Hochstein has been involved in the US front against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, specifically cutting their oil revenues by disrupting their production lines.


Amos Hochstein oversaw the US efforts to cripple Islamic State's energy business by weakening oil trade between ISIS, the Syrian government and other parties.


Amos Hochstein's team coordinated with the US Department of Defense to determine targets.


On October 8,2015, President Barack Obama nominated Amos Hochstein to be the Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, the official chief position for the bureau.


Amos Hochstein continued his efforts in all previously engaged fields of national and international energy and security matters, including Iran sanctions, energy opportunities in Latin America, the US-India energy cooperation, the US-China energy cooperation, the administration's strategy on Russia, and the fight against ISIS.


Amos Hochstein was involved in discussing and mapping out details of the Southern Gas Corridor project generally and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline with Greece specifically.


Amos Hochstein authored the White House Caribbean Energy Security Initiative and chaired President Obama's US-Caribbean and US-Central America Energy Security Task Force.


Amos Hochstein continued to lead US efforts to promote global fuel switching to natural gas and develop stronger natural gas markets in Asia and South Asia.


Amos Hochstein headed the State Department's Unconventional Gas Technical Engagement Program, formerly known as Global Shale Gas Initiative.


Amos Hochstein was succeeded by Frank R Fannon, now Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources.


Since leaving the White House, Amos Hochstein appeared on a Trump White House panel promoting the use of fossil fuels at the 2016 Bonn Climate Change Conference.


In 2017 Amos Hochstein joined Tellurian, a private LNG-gas company and today serves as EVP of Marketing.


Amos Hochstein currently serves as Biden's Special Presidential Coordinator for Global Infrastructure and Energy Security.


Amos Hochstein sees renewable energies as very important and being at the center of both the future's energy market and US energy policy.


Amos Hochstein has been interviewed by national and international media, commenting on national and international energy policy, energy security, and foreign policy.


Amos Hochstein serves on the board of the Atlantic Council and the US-Indian Business Council.


Amos Hochstein is a former member of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz.


Amos Hochstein was appointed in 2017 and resigned in October 2020 claiming that the company was returning to corrupted practices.