14 Facts About Amram Mitzna


Amram Mitzna is an Israeli politician and former general in the IDF.


Amram Mitzna is a former mayor of Haifa and Yeruham and led the Labor Party from 2002 to 2003.


Amram Mitzna was born in Kibbutz Dovrat to Jewish refugees that escaped from Nazi Germany.


Amram Mitzna attended a military boarding school in Haifa, graduating from the Hebrew Reali School in 1963 and enlisting into the IDF the same year.


Amram Mitzna served in various positions in the IDF armored force, the Command and Staff College, and the Operations Division in the General Staff, receiving the Medal of Distinguished Service for his actions during the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War, both of which saw him wounded.


In 1993, the same year as finishing his military career, Mitzna was elected mayor of Haifa representing Labor, and re-elected in 1998.


Amram Mitzna's position was lambasted by Likud leader Ariel Sharon, though later partially implemented by him as the disengagement plan.

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Amram Mitzna oversaw Labor's second worst electoral performance up to 2003 when leading it in that year's election.


Amram Mitzna resigned as party leader shortly after, replaced by Shimon Peres.


In November 2005, the Internal Affairs Minister appointed Amram Mitzna acting mayor of Yeruham, a town in the southern Negev region, after the elected mayor was forced to step aside, due to incompetence.


Amram Mitzna resigned from the Knesset to take up the role.


Amram Mitzna ran for the leadership of the Labor party a second time in 2011.


On 1 December 2012, Amram Mitzna joined Tzipi Livni's new party, Hatnuah.


Amram Mitzna was elected to the Knesset in second place on the party's list in the 2013 elections.