11 Facts About Anastasy Vonsiatsky


Anastasy Vonsiatsky became a naturalized American citizen while leading a splinter far-right organization, the Russian National Revolutionary Labor and Workers Peasant Party of Fascists.


Anastasy Vonsiatsky's father, Andrei Nikolaevich, was an army officer assassinated at a Radom office of the Imperial Gendarmes by a Polish revolutionary in 1910.


Anastasy Vonsiatsky was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $5000.


Anastasy Vonsiatsky was imprisoned at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri.


Anastasy Vonsiatsky authored a book entitled Rasplata about World War II, where "he accused the Japanese government, Franklin D Roosevelt, and his personal nemesis, Thomas J Dodd, of hampering the anti-Soviet cause".


Anastasy Vonsiatsky first married Lyuba Muromsky in Ukraine on January 31,1920.


On February 4,1922, still married to Lyuba, Vonsiatsky married Marion Buckingham Ream, the daughter of businessman Norman B Ream, and a multi-millionaire heiress by the time they married.


Anastasy Vonsiatsky became a naturalized citizen of the United States in the Superior Court of Windham County, Putnam, Connecticut, on September 30,1927, after Marion appealed to Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes.


Two months after his second marriage, he was accused of bigamy by his legal wife Lyuba; in November 1922, nine months after Anastasy Vonsiatsky become a bigamist, the US federal government and the Russian Orthodox Church granted him an annulment of the marriage to Lyuba.


Anastasy Vonsiatsky separated from Ream and started a romantic relationship with Edith Priscilla Royster in 1948.


Anastasy Vonsiatsky's body was interred at West Thompson Cemetery in Thompson, Connecticut.