7 Facts About Charles Evans Hughes

1. Charles Evans Hughes won election as the Governor of New York in 1906, and implemented several progressive reforms.

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2. At the age of 14, Charles Evans Hughes attended Madison University for two years before transferring to Brown University.

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3. Ultimately, Charles Evans Hughes defeated Hearst in a close election, taking 52 percent of the vote.

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4. In March 1917, Charles Evans Hughes joined with many other Republican leaders in demanding that Wilson declare war on the Central Powers after Germany sank several American merchant ships.

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5. Shortly after Harding's victory in the 1920 election, Charles Evans Hughes accepted the position of Secretary of State.

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6. Justice Sutherland's majority opinion, which Charles Evans Hughes joined, explained that the Constitution had granted the president broad powers to conduct foreign policy.

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7. When he died, Charles Evans Hughes was the last living Justice to have served on the White Court.

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