18 Facts About Ancient Israel


Kingdom of Ancient Israel was destroyed around 720 BCE, when it was conquered by the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

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Settlement was concentrated in cities along the coastal plain and along major communication routes; the central and northern hill country which would later become the biblical kingdom of Ancient Israel was only sparsely inhabited although letters from the Egyptian archives indicate that Jerusalem was already a Canaanite city-state recognising Egyptian overlordship.

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Ancient Israel Finkelstein proposed that the oval or circular layout that distinguishes some of the earliest highland sites, and the notable absence of pig bones from hill sites, could be taken as markers of ethnicity, but others have cautioned that these can be a "common-sense" adaptation to highland life and not necessarily revelatory of origins.

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Ancient Israel initially had to invest significant resources into defense as it was subjected to regular Aramean incursions and attacks, but after the Arameans were subjugated by the Assyrians and Ancient Israel could afford to put less resources into defending its territory, its architectural infrastructure grew dramatically.

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The most significant casualty was the state ideology of "Zion theology, " the idea that the god of Ancient Israel had chosen Jerusalem for his dwelling-place and that the Davidic dynasty would reign there forever.

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Ancient Israel took control of Yehud Medinata in 320 because he was very aware that it was a great place from which to attack Egypt and was a great defensive position.

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Ancient Israel allowed them to keep their religious practices, so long as they paid their taxes and didn't rebel.

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Ancient Israel was victorious in both the first and second Syrian Wars, but after trying to end the conflict with the Seleucids by arranging a marriage between his daughter Berenice and the Seleucid king Antiochus II, he died.

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Ancient Israel simply defended the area from Ptolemy V before being murdered by his minister in 175.

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Ancient Israel was informed of this by a rival of the current High Priest Onias III.

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Ancient Israel killed a Jew who was going to do so as well as the king's representative.

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Ancient Israel proved to be a successful general, defeating an army led by Apollonius.

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Ancient Israel was appointed high priest by Alexander Balas for the same thing.

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Ancient Israel reached out to Rome to have them guarantee that Judea would be an independent land.

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Ancient Israel's last remaining son, John Hyrcanus, was supposed to be killed as well, but he was informed of the plan and rushed to Jerusalem to keep it safe.

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Ancient Israel had to pay a large sum of money, tear down the walls of the city, acknowledge Seleucid power over Judea, and help the Seleucids fight against the Parthians.

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Ancient Israel defied his father's wishes that his mother should take over the government and instead had her and all of his brothers except for one thrown in prison.

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Ancient Israel married his brother's widow, showing little respect for Jewish law.

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