92 Facts About Anderson Paak

1. Anderson Paak has had a bountiful decade, putting out six albums since 2012 and collaborating with the likes of Dr Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Christina Aguilera.

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2. Anderson Paak became part of a controversy after his comment about Hip-Hop history was criticized by rapper Lil Yachty.

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3. Anderson Paak might just be the most fitting talent for On the Record.

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4. Anderson Paak said he always sends his ideas to Dr Dre and the two work very fast.

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5. Anderson Paak became the drummer for American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart.

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6. Anderson Paak was arrested and that was the last time I saw him.

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7. Anderson Paak is accompanied by the band The Free Nationals, who play a variety of instruments such as electric guitar, bass, piano, keyboards and drums and serve as backing vocalists.

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8. Anderson Paak went on to release Venice in 2014, under his current moniker.

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9. Anderson Paak knows his way around the whole orchestra, but drums are his specialty.

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10. Anderson Paak was elected prom king, and took home a few senior superlatives to boot.

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11. Anderson Paak was just seven or eight at the time, and Snoop was showing things he had never seen before.

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12. Anderson Paak heard him playing it the next day while rolling up in his car.

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13. Anderson Paak got a job as a weed trimmer to make ends meet.

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14. Anderson Paak was scheduled for a special performance alongside legendary rap group\u00a0A Tribe Called Quest.

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15. Anderson Paak talked about recording remotely for the\u00a0Black Panther soundtrack, where he is slated to appear on \"Bloody Waters\" alongside James Blake and Ab-Soul.

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16. Anderson Paak encouraged The Free Nationals to reveal the impressive guest list of their new project.

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17. Anderson Paak said we \"can definitely expect it this year, sometime,\" when asked about his upcoming LP, and revealed that it is currently at the mixing stage.

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18. Anderson Paak picks her up, and now she has two albums out since then.

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19. Anderson Paak performing with his son on a special birthday episode of the Ellen Show.

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20. Anderson Paak is largely successful with his professional career which appears to be common knowledge.

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21. In the middle of 2012, Anderson Paak dropped his debut album—OB.

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22. Anderson Paak has yet to appear in the studio with Frank Ocean.

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23. Anderson Paak comes from mixed ancestry: His late father is black, and his mother is South Korean.

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24. Anderson Paak was wise to absorb as much wisdom as possible when interacting with him.

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25. Anderson Paak would never see him again before he passed away.

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26. Anderson Paak performs alongside his band, The Free Nationals, he spends about half of the performance behind the drum kit and the other as the clear frontman of the eclectic ensemble.

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27. Anderson Paak has spoken openly about how Hip Hop band Sa-Ra's Shafiq Husayn helped him recover after he was let go from the marijuana farm.

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28. Anderson Paak was honoured to be selected to work on Dre's first album in 16 years.

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29. Anderson Paak went to Instagram to show off the project's immediate success minutes after it.

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30. Anderson Paak finally released his 14-track project a week before Thanksgiving.

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31. Anderson Paak says his goal is to make you dance and think, " 'Woah, this dude's really talking about something.

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32. Anderson Paak is the latest to chime in with his new album, Oxnard, out now, which arrives as equal parts escapism and realism.

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33. Anderson Paak is the latest to chime in with his new album, Oxnard, out now, which.

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34. Anderson Paak caught up with GQ to list the items he can't live without.

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35. Anderson Paak will host a family carnival to celebrate the arrival of his new album.

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36. Anderson Paak was awarded the key to the city and an appearance by Dr Dre, who had his hand in producing the album, was made.

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37. Anderson Paak is gearing up for his debut on the comedy sketch show next month.

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38. Anderson Paak released his third studio album, "Malibu", in 2016 to much critical acclaim and scored a Grammy nomination for it.

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39. Anderson Paak released his third studio album, "Malibu", in 2016 to much critical acclaim and scored a Grammy nomination for it.

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40. Anderson Paak is known for his soul, urban contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, Funk and rhythm and blues styles, so if you don't have the.

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41. Anderson Paak will be on tour in New Zealand and Australia, where "Oxnard" will be performed live.

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42. Anderson Paak has this unique scratchy voice, almost as if he's an ex-smoker.

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43. Anderson Paak references Fela Kuti, legendary Nigerian Afrobeat musician and activist referenced in "6 Summers", adding to the political awareness in the tune.

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44. Anderson Paak getting a blowjob while he's driving on a highway.

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45. Anderson Paak combines funk and rap genres in his new album, creating a sound that's emblematic of West Coast funk, but uniquely his own.

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46. Anderson Paak actually worked on this new album with the kingmaker of West Coast hip-hop, Dr Dre.

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47. Anderson Paak joined NPR's David Greene in-studio—over cups of "champeezy"—to discuss finding his confidence as a performer, getting through unstable times and Oxnard's overarching themes.

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48. Anderson Paak has credits on quite a few of the songs himself.

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49. Anderson Paak goes for Biblical metaphors about the trap falls of fame, King Push keeps it historical, recounting the story of The Clipse, one of the greatest sibling groups in rap-history, and how his brother walked away from Earthly glories to devote himself to heavenly ones.

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50. Anderson Paak takes a break from the party life, and gets moody.

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51. Anderson Paak bring a 70s, Stevie Wonder dimension.

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52. Anderson Paak has put his feelings about Mac's death on wax, mentioning his former collaborator in a song from his newly released third album, Oxnard.

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53. Anderson Paak has put his feelings about Mac's death on wax, mentioning his former.

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54. Anderson Paak will be the show's musical guest on Decemever 1.

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55. Anderson Paak will host Andy's Oxnard Carnival in his hometown on Saturday with free rides, food, and games.

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56. Anderson Paak is taking fans on an auditory journey through his hometown with Oxnard.

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57. Anderson Paak struggles to amount to the critiques of his contemporaries, especially to those of one of his collaborators: Lamar gave a much more concise critique of the current landscape in just one verse of his 2017 song "Lust", a track from the Pulitzer Prize-winning album DAMN.

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58. Anderson Paak mentions Miller, and seems to wonder how he could have helped his friend despite a similarly frenetic lifestyle:.

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59. Anderson Paak will make his Saturday Night Live debut before the end of the year.

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60. Anderson Paak joins Ari Melber to discuss why he's fighting for criminal justice reform and how the justice system has affected his family personally.

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61. Anderson Paak shares his personal needs from personal family pics to Essentia water.

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62. Anderson Paak needs more than a microphone to get his day started.

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63. Anderson Paak brought both name recognition to his record and his own shining personal touch.

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64. Anderson Paak is the newest cream to rise to the top of the neo-soul scene.

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65. Anderson Paak continues with an upbeat amalgamation of older funk, soul and hip-hop influences.

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66. Anderson Paak continues with an upbeat amalgamation of older funk, soul and hip-hop influences, alongside.

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67. Anderson Paak stuffs politics, thematic arcs and all-star cameos on 'Oxnard'.

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68. Anderson Paak released an album of the year contender with "Oxnard".

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69. Anderson Paak pays tribute to the late Mac Miller, before Q-Tip seems to offer a moving reflection on the death of his former bandmate Phife Dawg.

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70. Anderson Paak sat down with GQ a few days ago to sift through his personal vanity items.

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71. Anderson Paak told a crowd at the Community Park West, in Oxnard.

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72. Anderson Paak crafted his first few lovingly, painstaking compilations from scratch, working as an assistant to Sa-Ra Creative Partners producer Shafiq Husayn.

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73. Anderson Paak is the consummate, scrappy underdog, a musical Rocky Balboa.

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74. Anderson Paak headed back to his hometown to celebrate with his very own carnival.

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75. Anderson Paak released an album when the stakes have been this high.

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76. Anderson Paak continues to spread the love to his fellow creative.

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77. Anderson Paak resorts to a corny-sounding Jamaican patois on "Left to Right", a cheesy saxophone disrupts "Cheers", and Snoop Dogg appears like the avuncular ghost of G-funk's past on "Anywhere.

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78. Anderson Paak is joined by the likes of BJ The Chicago Kid, Kadhja Bonet, Norelle and The Last Artful, Dodgr, all of whom are responsible for some of the album's more harmonious moments.

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79. On January 30, 2016, Anderson Paak spoke with Scott Simon of NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday about his tumultuous background as a child of mixed-race parents, that the ".

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80. Anderson Paak released his second album, Malibu, on January 15, 2016, to critical acclaim.

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81. Anderson Paak performed on six songs on Dr Dre's 2015 album Compton and two on The Game's The Documentary 2.5.

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82. On October 28, 2014, Anderson Paak released Venice, his debut album as Anderson.

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83. Anderson Paak was the lead producer for Watsky's 2014 album All You Can Do and is featured on three of its tracks.

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84. In 2011, Anderson Paak had started earning acceptance in the Los Angeles music world as he worked on his debut album.

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85. Anderson Paak began producing music from his bedroom as a teenager, while attending Foothill Technology High School.

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86. At the age of seven, Anderson Paak witnessed his estranged father attack his mother: "My little sister and I went out front and my pops was on top of my mom.

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87. Apart from his solo career, Anderson Paak is one-half of NxWorries, alongside record producer Knxwledge.

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88. Anderson Paak shared a brand-new single, "Tints", featuring his fellow Southern California-native.

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89. Anderson Paak drops off cinematic music video for K Dot collaboration, 'Tints' [Watch].

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90. Anderson Paak remembers the first time meeting Mac Miller and his strong, positive personality.

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91. Anderson Paak hopped on Instagram Monday to break the news to fans.

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92. Anderson Paak thought he was out, the good Doctor pulled him back in.

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