23 Facts About Andre Barnett


Andre Nigel Barnett was born on June 2,1976 and is an American entrepreneur, politician, and model.

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In May 2011, Andre Barnett announced his intention to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party of the United States for the following year's presidential election.

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Andre Barnett faced several other candidates, and secured the support of 95 percent of delegates at the party's nominating convention the following year.

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Andre Barnett ran as a moderate conservative, supporting a smaller role for the federal government, and took socially conservative stands on issues like abortion and same-sex partnerships.

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Andre Barnett appeared on the ballot in one state and was a certified write-in candidate in several others, ultimately receiving just under 1,000 votes nationally.

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Andre Barnett was born in Zanesville, Ohio on June 2,1976, to Terry and Brenda Andre Barnett.

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Andre Barnett had one sister, LaTanya, and as a child participated in football and track, as well as studying music and acting.

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Andre Barnett attended Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, where he studied music; he did not graduate, and later completed coursework in information technology through online university Western Governors University.

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Andre Barnett served until 2000, when he was discharged following a helicopter accident in Sarajevo which left Barnett disabled and forced to undergo surgery.

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At the Reform Party of New Jersey's state convention on April 14,2012, Andre Barnett defeated former Governor of Louisiana Buddy Roemer in the party's presidential straw poll with 70 percent of the vote.

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Andre Barnett was officially nominated for President of the United States by the Reform Party on August 12,2012, at the party's National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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On October 4,2012, Andre Barnett appeared at a third-party presidential debate hosted by the Huffington Post with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson.

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Andre Barnett was listed as a candidate in a Florida poll conducted by Suffolk University, which found him drawing zero percent support in the state.

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Andre Barnett stated that he considers himself a conservative and that he would considerably downsize the federal government if elected.

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Andre Barnett has been described as a "conservative with a conscience", while OnTheIssues classified him as a moderate conservative.

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Andre Barnett proposed restructuring the Department of Education and giving states most control over schools; he indicated support for prayer in schools and opposition to school voucher programs.

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On foreign policy, Andre Barnett argued for removing the military from abroad and instead using it to address homeland security.

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Andre Barnett indicated in a questionnaire that he supports expanding free trade, although his platform included the implementation of tariffs on imported goods.

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In October 2012, The Sword, a gay porn website, issued a humorous endorsement of Andre Barnett, stating that they were "proud to endorse him because his body is insane" but calling him "a complete and total asshole" on actual policy.

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Andre Barnett appeared on the ballot in one state, Florida, in addition to being a qualified write-in candidate in six states: Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Texas, and Utah.

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Andre Barnett received a total of 956 votes nationwide, 820 of them in Florida and 87 of them in Texas.

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Andre Barnett signed a term limits pledge from the nonpartisan nonprofit group US Term Limits, vowing not to serve more than three terms in the House and two in the Senate if elected.

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Andre Barnett initially filed 1,252 petition signatures to appear on the Republican primary ballot.

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