17 Facts About Andrea Cunningham


Andrea "Andy" Cunningham is an American strategic marketing and communications entrepreneur.


Andrea Cunningham helped launch the Apple Macintosh in 1984 as a part of Regis McKenna, and founded Cunningham Communication, Inc Andrea Cunningham is currently the President of Cunningham Collective, a brand strategy, marketing, and communications firm.


In 1983, Andrea Cunningham moved to Silicon Valley, where she joined Regis McKenna and was immediately given project lead responsibilities to work with Steve Jobs for the launch of the Apple Macintosh.


Andrea Cunningham collaborated with Jane Anderson to write the Macintosh launch plan.


Andrea Cunningham contributed her experiences with Jobs to the Walter Isaacson-penned biography and the Aaron Sorkin-written Steve Jobs movie, where Sarah Snook portrays her.


In 2003, Andrea Cunningham spun CXO Communication, a brand strategy consultancy, out of Citigate Andrea Cunningham and became CEO.


Andrea Cunningham left the firm in 2010 to become CMO of Rearden Commerce, where she repositioned the company's solutions under the Deem brand.

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Andrea Cunningham was promoted on January 1,2013 to become the CEO of Bite's worldwide operations.


Andrea Cunningham resigned in June 2013 to focus on SeriesC.


SeriesC officially launched in the Spring of 2012 with Andrea Cunningham retaining leadership positions in both SeriesC and Bite.


From April 2014 to August 2015, Andrea Cunningham was the interim Chief Marketing Officer of Avaya.


Andrea Cunningham's tenure there was a Cunningham Collective engagement, as she continued to lead the firm during that period.


Andrea Cunningham led the team that spearheaded the shift in positioning from collaboration to engagement, with an initial focus on Silicon Valley as a catalyst to revitalize awareness of Avaya to the broader tech audience.


Andrea Cunningham held an interim CMO role with Tendril and was an interim Chief Communications Officer with BlackBerry, all as Cunningham Collective engagements.


Andrea Cunningham serves as a trustee of The Aspen Institute and Menlo College.


Andrea Cunningham served on the not-for-profit boards of YPO, CEO, Peninsula Open Space Trust and the Computer History Museum.


Andrea Cunningham has taught marketing classes at Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, New York University, Menlo College, Northwestern University, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University and the University of Southern California.