20 Facts About Andrea Jaeger


Andrea Jaeger is an American former professional tennis player.


Andrea Jaeger started her professional tennis career at the age of 14 and went on to win pro tennis tournaments while still competing in other junior tennis events.


Andrea Jaeger reached the singles final of Wimbledon in 1983 and the French Open in 1982.


Andrea Jaeger reached the singles semifinals of the Australian Open in 1982 and of the US Open in 1980 and 1982.


In mixed doubles, Andrea Jaeger won the French Open with Jimmy Arias in 1981.


Andrea Jaeger is a member of the Episcopal Church and based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, US.


Andrea Jaeger won 13 US national junior titles, including the most prominent junior titles in tennis: the 1979 Orange Bowl and 1979 Boca Raton.


Andrea Jaeger had become a household name on the front pages of news publications, notable magazines and appearances on TV.


Andrea Jaeger then reached the semifinals of both the US Open and the Australian Open, losing both matches to Evert in straight sets.


In 2003, Andrea Jaeger said that the night before the final, she had a heated argument with her father over practicing and was locked out of her apartment by him.


Andrea Jaeger won eight of the nine singles matches she played for the US in Fed Cup.


Andrea Jaeger won two of the three Wightman Cup singles matches she played for the US.


Andrea Jaeger went to college and obtained a degree in theology and ministry training.


Andrea Jaeger used her winnings from tennis to create the Silver Lining Foundation in 1990.


In 1996, Jaeger received the Samuel S Beard Award for Greatest Public Service by an Individual 35 Years or Under, an award given annually by Jefferson Awards.


Olsen became best friends with Andrea Jaeger and became the first ever paid employee of the Foundation.


Andrea Jaeger helped Olsen for years before the teen passed on from cancer.


In 2006, Andrea Jaeger exchanged gifts with an Army Ranger serving in the Iraq War.


Andrea Jaeger knew the boy since his cancer diagnosis and through her foundation had helped the boy through his cancer by providing support through her foundation.


Andrea Jaeger gave her his dog tags, and she gave him her Olympic ring.