14 Facts About Andrew Bayly


Andrew Henry Bayly was born on 1962 and is a New Zealand politician who was elected to the New Zealand Parliament at the 2014 general election as the MP for Hunua and a representative of the New Zealand National Party.


Andrew Bayly is a Chartered Accountant and a Fellow of the NZ Institute of Management, the NZ Chartered Institute of Corporate Management and the UK Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.


Andrew Bayly is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London.


Andrew Bayly was an officer in the New Zealand Army Territorials and served in the British Parachute Regiment.


Andrew Bayly had a long career in adventure racing, including competing in three Coast-to-Coast events, marathons and Ironman events.


However, Andrew Bayly disputed Lawrence's claim that he could ride his camels up to 80 to 120 miles a day.


Andrew Bayly worked as a merchant banker, founding the Cranleigh firm with his brother Paul, where he offered corporate advisory and capital markets advice to a range of government entities, local authorities and corporate clients.


Andrew Bayly was a director of numerous companies, the chair of the board of New Zealand Financial Planning and a trustee of the Enterprise Franklin Development Trust, the economic development arm of the Franklin Council.


Andrew Bayly had the fourth highest majority of all electorate seats in New Zealand.


In September 2016, Andrew Bayly introduced a private member's bill to Parliament that would give landlords more power to test and remedy their rental properties of dangerous levels of methamphetamine contamination.


In September 2019, Andrew Bayly was ejected from Parliament for attempting to disrupt Parliamentary proceedings by asking several questions about the Ihumatao dispute's implications for treaty settlements in New Zealand.


Andrew Bayly contested Port Waikato and was re-elected by a margin of 4,313 votes.


Andrew Bayly has been a member of Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee since 2014 and is co-chairperson of the New Zealand - Middle East and Africa Parliamentary Friendship Group.


Andrew Bayly established the cross-party Parliament Antarctic Group in 2020 and is currently its co-chair.