26 Facts About Andrew Jenks


Andrew Jenks was born on March 5,1986 and is an American filmmaker.

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Andrew Jenks's father is Bruce Jenks, Assistant Secretary General for the United Nations.

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Andrew Jenks's mother is Nancy Piper Jenks, a family nurse practitioner who is site director in internal medicine at Hudson River HealthCare in Peekskill, NY.

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Andrew Jenks attended New York University Tisch School of the Arts before dropping out after his sophomore year.

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Andrew Jenks, Room 335 is an example of a participatory documentary.

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Andrew Jenks said of the pitch process 'It was me and my two friends – 21 years old, telling ESPN, the 'Worldwide Leader in Sports' that this was a story that had to be told -that it was their duty.

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At the International Documentary Film Festival at Amsterdam, Andrew Jenks was widely acclaimed as one of the next great American filmmakers, and compared to filmmaker Woody Allen.

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Season 2 of "World of Andrew Jenks" expanded to hour long episodes and continued to be a ratings hit.

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Andrew Jenks was the face MTV's 2012 election coverage, both producing and hosting.

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Andrew Jenks interviewed or asked questions to nearly all of the candidates, including Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

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Andrew Jenks left the show after 3 years because of a new film about Ryan Ferguson.

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Andrew Jenks is the creator of It's About a Girl, a magic realism YouTube web series premiered July 9,2013.

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Andrew Jenks plays a man who pursues the girl of his dreams, played by Taryn Southern.

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Andrew Jenks later advocated for the release of Kalvin Michael Smith who was released after 20 years in prison.

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Andrew Jenks has teamed up with DKMS and DoSomething to promote teens and college students to join the bone marrow donor registry.

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Andrew Jenks will be participating in college speaking tours where he will try to raise awareness and involvement.

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Andrew Jenks did a PSA for Do Something with a five-year-old leukemia patient about the importance of "getting swabbed".

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Andrew Jenks takes viewers on a journey across India, South Africa and the United States to experience the epidemic first hand.

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In 2016, Andrew Jenks co-created and executive produced the MTV Series, "Unlocking the Truth".

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Andrew Jenks is a natural leader, a guy with zero self-pity for what he has been put through and instead has a unique instinct to wake up every morning and help others.

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Andrew Jenks sold and developed a half hour comedy titled "The Motivational Speaker" to HBO in 2016.

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In 2019, Andrew Jenks began hosting the podcast Gangster Capitalism, the first C13Originals podcast produced by Cadence13.

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In October 2017, Andrew Jenks debuted as writer and narrator of the documentary podcast What Really Happened from Seven Bucks Productions, with executive producers Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia.

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Andrew Jenks said that while at MTV he was embarrassed by the disorder and had turned down an offer to speak at the 2013 National Conference on Mental Health at the White House.

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Andrew Jenks said it was one of his biggest regrets of his career.

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Andrew Jenks is considered an example of a high-functioning person with a diagnosis of Major depressive disorder.

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