14 Facts About Andrew Keen


Andrew Keen was born in Hampstead, North London, to a Jewish family.


Andrew Keen attended the University of London, studying History under Hugh Seton-Watson, a British historian and political scientist.


Andrew Keen earned a bachelor's degree in history and then studied at the University of Sarajevo in Yugoslavia.


Andrew Keen returned to Silicon Valley in 1995 and founded Audiocafe.


Andrew Keen stated in October, 2007, that he is working on his new book, tentatively titled, Star Wars 2.0.


Andrew Keen is currently the host of "Keen On" show, a TechCrunch chat show.


In 2005, Andrew Keen wrote that Web 2.0 is a "grand utopian movement" similar to "communist society" as described by Karl Marx.

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On 5 June 2007, Andrew Keen released his first book The Cult of the Amateur, published by Doubleday Currency, and gave a talk at Google the same day.


Andrew Keen stresses the importance of media literacy and claims that user generated blogs, wikis and other "democratized" media, cannot match the resources of mainstream media outlets.


Andrew Keen describes the Internet in amoral terms, saying it is a mirror of human culture.


Andrew Keen argues that the more the internet develops, the more detrimental it is to those who use it.


Andrew Keen writes: "It is more like a negative feedback loop, a digital vicious cycle in which it is us, the Web's users, who are its victims rather than beneficiaries".


Andrew Keen argues that the internet encourages intolerance and that "rather than fostering a cultural renaissance, it has created a selfie-centered culture of voyeurism and narcissism".


Andrew Keen argues that people must try to preserve human values in an increasingly digital world and ensure the future is something everyone can look forward to again.