13 Facts About Andrew Levitas


Andrew Levitas was born on September 4,1977 and is an American painter, sculptor, filmmaker, writer, producer, photographer, restaurateur, and actor.

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Andrew Levitas attended Horace Mann School and then Dalton School in Manhattan.

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Andrew Levitas graduated in 2000 with a degree from the Gallatin School of NYU.

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Andrew Levitas' installations are each composed of multi-paneled interlocking metal sheets whose collective impact transcends their individual materiality.

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In 2015, Andrew Levitas created the CUBA X LEVITAS as part of an artist collaboration with the skate brand Supra.

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Andrew Levitas is the founder of Metalwork Pictures a media production company which develops and produces original content.

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Currently, Andrew Levitas is in post-production on his latest directing project Minamata starring Academy Award nominee Johnny Depp, BAFTA and Golden Globe winner Bill Nighy and Hiroyuki Sanada as Mitsuo Yamazaki, The film follows William Eugene Smith's 1971 journey to the Japanese fishing village of Minamata to bear witness to the devastation of its townspeople by mercury poisoning caused by the Chisso corporation.

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Andrew Levitas brought to life director Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's own story in Farming.

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In 2018, Andrew Levitas produced My Zoe from writer and director Julie Delpy.

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Andrew Levitas produced 2019 film Georgetown from Christoph Waltz in his feature directorial debut.

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Since October 2013, Andrew Levitas has been in a relationship with Welsh classical-crossover singer Katherine Jenkins.

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Andrew Levitas was previously co-owner of West Village hotspot Play and is current part-owner of Soho restaurants Little Prince and Lola Taverna.

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Andrew Levitas is a global patron for the Wilderness Foundation and an Ambassador of Tusk Trust.

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