10 Facts About Android Nougat


Android Nougat is the seventh major version and 14th original version of the Android operating system.

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Android Nougat introduces notable changes to the operating system and its development platform, including the ability to display multiple apps on-screen at once in a split-screen view, support for inline replies to notifications, and an expanded Doze power-saving mode that restricts device functionality once the screen has been off for a period of time.

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Dave Burke, Android's Vice President of Engineering, stated in August 2016 that updates to Nougat would be released quarterly as maintenance releases focusing on "continued refinements and polish".

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Android Nougat introduces a system for enabling "seamless", automatic system updates, based upon and sharing some code with the implementation of similar functionality on Chrome OS.

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The Android Nougat system executes from an "online" partition, while updates are applied in the background to a redundant "offline" partition.

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On devices shipping with Android Nougat, the "Verified Boot" policy must be strictly enforced.

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Bohn liked the new way to reply to any message notification, stating "Android Nougat has long had an advantage in useful and consistent notifications" versus iOS, and added "now that quick replies are standard on it I don't see that lead diminishing".

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Android Nougat noted "tweaks" throughout the OS as welcome changes, including quick toggles in the notification drawer, a Settings menu with more visual information, and a Camera app that has been "cleaned up a bit".

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Android Nougat highlighted the ability to expand a bundled Gmail notification to see subjects and senders of individual messages.

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Android Nougat wrote that installing and launching apps might be "a little faster than usual" thanks to Nougat's new app compiler, and he hoped game developers would utilize the new Vulkan API for some "seriously good-looking mobile gaming".

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