12 Facts About Andy Beattie


Andrew Beattie was a Scottish professional football player and manager.

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Andy Beattie was the first manager of the Scottish national team.

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Andy Beattie was born in Kintore, Aberdeenshire and was employed as a young quarry-man at the Inverurie Loco Works.

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Andy Beattie was to join the Inverurie Loco Works FC where he established himself as an accomplished full-back before attracting the interest of English First Division club Preston North End.

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In spite of spending part of his military service abroad Andy Beattie was to gain a further five unofficial caps for Scotland during wartime internationals and appear as a 'guest' player for several clubs.

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Yorkshire club offered Andy Beattie a reported salary of around £2,500 but despite his efforts to save the club from the drop he was simply too late.

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Andy Beattie resigned in November 1956 as he felt he had taken the team as far as he could.

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Bill Shankly was thus left in charge as Andy Beattie sought out a new career as a sub-postmaster at Penwortham, Preston, where he could spend more time with his wife and four children.

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Andy Beattie's next stop was at Plymouth Argyle, where he was appointed manager in 1963.

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Andy Beattie was appointed caretaker manager at Wolverhampton Wanderers in November 1964, replacing Stan Cullis.

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Andy Beattie was unable to halt their slump and the club dropped to the Second Division after 23 seasons in the top flight.

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Andy Beattie became Scotland's first manager in February 1954, although his brief tenure was something of a farce.

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