65 Facts About Bill Shankly

1. Bill Shankly was created on Sept 2, 1913 in Glenbuck, Ayrshire, Scotland seeing that William Shankly.

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2. In 2002, Bill Shankly was made an inaugural inductee of the English Football Hall of Fame, which celebrates the achievements of the finest English footballing talents.

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3. Bill Shankly was a keen sportsmen, and even fought as a middleweight during his service, winning a trophy when stationed in Manchester.

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4. Bill Shankly had recently celebrated his 26th birthday when World War II began, and he joined the Royal Air Force.

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5. Bill Shankly was with the Liverpool club from 1959 to 1974.

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6. In 1951, Bill Shankly took up a position to manage the Grimsby team, where he felt there was more scope for success.

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7. Bill Shankly was born on 2nd September 1913, to John and Barbara Shankly.

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8. Bill Shankly compared the cities of Glasgow and Liverpool by saying that there is nothing like the Rangers–Celtic situation in Liverpool because the supporters of Liverpool and Everton are a mixed bunch whose religion is football.

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9. Bill Shankly had no time for bigotry or prejudice, especially arising from differences of religion.

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10. Bill Shankly admitted to idolising Robert Burns, whose birthplace was only 26 miles from Glenbuck and he was inspired by many of Burns' philosophical quotations, such as A man's a man for a' that.

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11. Bill Shankly had fully realised the importance of football to its die-hard fans, himself included.

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12. Bill Shankly was fanatical about Liverpool and about football in general.

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13. Bill Shankly was made an inaugural inductee of the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002, in recognition of his impact on the English game as a manager.

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14. Bill Shankly worked for Radio City 96.7, a Liverpool station on which he presented his own chat show, once interviewing prime minister Harold Wilson, and was a pundit on its football coverage.

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15. Bill Shankly tried to keep busy in retirement and stay in touch with football.

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16. Bill Shankly was awarded the OBE in November 1974, four months after he retired as Liverpool manager.

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17. Bill Shankly was especially annoyed that Liverpool did not invite him to attend away matches as the club's guest.

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18. Bill Shankly was 60 when Liverpool won the 1974 FA Cup final and said in his autobiography that, on returning to the dressing room at the end of the match, he felt tired from all the years.

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19. Bill Shankly said he still wanted the involvement as the club had become his life.

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20. Bill Shankly said to the policeman: "Don't you do that.

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21. Bill Shankly maintained that Liverpool were denied a definite penalty in their crucial away match against Derby and then had a good goal disallowed towards the end of their final match against Arsenal.

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22. Bill Shankly summarised Keegan as "the inspiration of the new team".

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23. Bill Shankly wanted Twentyman to check the player's personality and ensure he had the right attitude for a professional footballer.

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24. Bill Shankly was characteristically defiant whenever Everton got the better of Liverpool and, although he liked and respected everyone connected with Everton, would always talk up Liverpool at Everton's expense.

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25. Bill Shankly wrote that bad luck and injuries disrupted the progress of two other prospects Alf Arrowsmith and Gordon Wallace; Shankly had compared the latter to Tom Finney.

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26. Bill Shankly recognised the potential of Blackpool teenager Emlyn Hughes, a future England captain, and signed him for £65,000 in February 1967.

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27. Bill Shankly had applied the principle in a preliminary round tie against Juventus when Liverpool were away in the first leg.

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28. At one board meeting in 1961 when Bill Shankly insisted the club make offers for two players in Scotland, the board's initial response was that they couldn't afford them, but Sawyer stepped in and said: "We can't afford not to buy them".

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29. Bill Shankly found a valuable ally in Eric Sawyer, of the Littlewoods pools organisation, who joined the board not long after Shankly's appointment and shared Shankly's vision of Liverpool as the best club in England.

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30. Bill Shankly said there were times when he felt like walking out.

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31. Bill Shankly got the idea from a routine he had seen Tom Finney use at Preston to hone his skills.

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32. Bill Shankly instituted a development programme to cultivate the site and modernise the facilities.

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33. Bill Shankly quickly established working relationships with the coaching staff of Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and Reuben Bennett who shared his views about loyalty to each other and to the club.

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34. Bill Shankly described the training ground at Melwood as "a shambles".

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35. Bill Shankly resigned on 15 November 1955 to take up the post of assistant manager at Huddersfield Town, working with his old friend Andy Beattie.

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36. Bill Shankly described it as one of the most amazing games he had ever seen.

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37. Bill Shankly said in his autobiography that there was greater potential at Grimsby than at Carlisle.

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38. Bill Shankly resigned and accepted an offer from Grimsby Town.

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39. Bill Shankly wrote that he was never sent off or booked by a referee.

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40. In January 1973, when Bill Shankly was the subject of This Is Your Life, the goal was shown and Shankly commented that "they all count and we won".

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41. Bill Shankly spoke of his "unbelievable pride" when playing for Scotland against England and how, when confronted by the "Auld Enemy", the Scottish players would become William Wallace or Robert the Bruce for 90 minutes after pulling on the blue jersey.

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42. Bill Shankly played for Scotland 12 times from 1938 to 1943 in five full and seven wartime internationals.

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43. Bill Shankly was succeeded in the Preston team by Tommy Docherty and Shankly told Docherty that he should just put the number four shirt on and let it run round by itself because it knows where to go.

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44. Bill Shankly had enormous admiration for Tom Finney and devotes more than three pages of his autobiography to Finney's prowess as a footballer.

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45. Bill Shankly described Preston's attitude as the biggest let-down of his life in football.

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46. Bill Shankly met his wife, Nessie, in the RAF and they married in 1944.

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47. Bill Shankly was keen on boxing and fought as a middleweight in the RAF, winning a trophy when he was stationed in Manchester.

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48. Bill Shankly joined the Royal Air Force and managed to play in numerous wartime league, cup and exhibition matches for Norwich City, Arsenal, Luton Town and Partick Thistle, depending on where he was stationed.

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49. Bill Shankly had just reached his 26th birthday when the Second World War began and the war claimed the peak years of his playing career.

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50. Bill Shankly developed into a tough half back, as good as any in the Football League.

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51. One of this season's discoveries, Bill Shankly, played with rare tenacity and uncommonly good ideas for a lad of 20.

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52. Bill Shankly made his first team debut on 9 December 1933, three months after his 20th birthday, against Hull City.

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53. Bill Shankly took his brother's advice and signed the Preston contract in a railway carriage.

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54. Bill Shankly was happy at Carlisle which was close to his home at Glenbuck and he had settled in well with almost a guarantee of first team football.

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55. Bill Shankly was invited for a month's trial and said it was the first time he had left Scotland.

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56. Bill Shankly was recommended by a scout called Peter Carruthers who had seen him playing for Cronberry.

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57. Bill Shankly developed his skills to the point that he was unemployed for only a few months before Carlisle United signed him.

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58. Bill Shankly was born in the small coal mining village of Glenbuck, Ayrshire, whose population in 1913, the year of Shankly's birth, was around 700.

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59. Bill Shankly led the Liverpool team out for the last time at Wembley for the 1974 FA Charity Shield.

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60. Bill Shankly announced his surprise retirement from football a few weeks after Liverpool had won the 1974 FA Cup Final, having managed the club for 15 years, and was succeeded by his long-time assistant Bob Paisley.

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61. Bill Shankly took charge of Liverpool when they were in the Second Division and rebuilt the team into a major force in English and European football.

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62. Bill Shankly became a manager after he retired from playing in 1949, returning to Carlisle United.

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63. Bill Shankly spent one season at Carlisle United before spending the rest of his career at Preston North End, with whom he won the FA Cup in 1938.

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64. Bill Shankly played as a ball-winning right-half and was capped twelve times for Scotland, including seven wartime internationals.

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65. Bill Shankly came from a small Scottish mining community and was one of five brothers who played football professionally.

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