22 Facts About Andy Griffith

1. In October 2008, Andy Griffith appeared with Ron Howard in a Funny or Die video endorsement for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

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2. In 2000, Andy Griffith appeared in a last-minute campaign commercial where he endorsed then-Attorney General Mike Easley for governor of the state of North Carolina.

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3. Andy Griffith traveled from his Manteo, North Carolina, home to Los Angeles to visit the terminally ill Knotts at Cedars-Sinai just before Knotts died of lung cancer.

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4. Andy Griffith appeared in the pilot for Griffith's subsequent short-lived series, The New Andy Griffith Show, and he had a recurring role on Matlock, from 1988 to 1992.

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5. Andy Griffith appeared in country singer Brad Paisley's music video "Waitin' on a Woman".

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6. Andy Griffith appeared as a comical villain in the spy movie spoof Spy Hard starring Leslie Nielsen.

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7. Andy Griffith stunned many unfamiliar with his A Face in the Crowd work in the television film Crime of Innocence, where he portrayed a callous judge who routinely sentenced juveniles to hard prison time.

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8. Andy Griffith made other character appearances through the years on Playhouse 90, Gomer Pyle, USM.

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9. Andy Griffith made final appearances as Taylor in the 1986 reunion television film, Return to Mayberry, with fellow co-star, Don Knotts.

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10. Andy Griffith served as executive producer and guest starred in five episodes (the pilot episode involved his marriage to Helen Crump).

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11. In 1967, Andy Griffith was under contract with CBS to do one more season of the show.

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12. In 1960, Andy Griffith appeared as a county sheriff in an episode of Make Room for Daddy, starring Danny Thomas.

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13. In 1957, Andy Griffith made his film debut starring in the film A Face in the Crowd.

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14. Andy Griffith portrayed a US Coast Guard sailor in the feature film Onionhead; it was neither a critical nor a commercial success.

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15. Andy Griffith was nominated for "Distinguished Musical Actor" at the 1960 Tony Awards, losing to Jackie Gleason.

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16. Andy Griffith expanded that role in Ira Levin's full-length theatrical version of the same name on Broadway in New York City.

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17. Andy Griffith began college studying to be a Moravian preacher, but he changed his major to music and became a part of the school's Carolina Playmakers.

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18. Andy Griffith attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in 1949.

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19. Andy Griffith performed as a cast member of the play for several years, playing a variety of roles, until he finally landed the role of Sir Walter Raleigh, the namesake of North Carolina's capital.

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20. Andy Griffith was delighted when he was offered a role in The Lost Colony by Paul Green, a play about Roanoke Island still performed today.

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21. In 1929, when Andy Griffith was three, his father began working as a helper or carpenter and purchased a home in Mount Airy's "blue-collar" south side.

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22. Andy Griffith was born on June 1, 1926 in Mount Airy, North Carolina, the only child of Carl Lee Griffith and his wife, Geneva.

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