10 Facts About Andy Nicholson


Andy Nicholson was born on 9 April 1986 and is an English musician, DJ, record producer, and photographer, best known as the original bass guitarist of the Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys, which he left in 2006.


An attendee of Stocksbridge High School, Nicholson was the only member of the Arctic Monkeys to not live in the High Green district, residing in nearby Hillsborough.


Andy Nicholson played bass guitar, and was seen as "the band wit, reliably swift with a self-deprecating quip".


Andy Nicholson went on to detail the meeting which ended his time in the band and painted a vivid picture of life in the years that followed which included struggles with mental health as well a new search for identity.


Andy Nicholson remixed a Reverend and The Makers song "You Get So Alone Sometimes it Just Makes Sense".


In 2008, Andy Nicholson formed Mongrel, which consisted of himself, Jon McClure of Reverend and the Makers, Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell and Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys, as well as London rapper Lowkey from the Poisonous Poets.


Andy Nicholson was in the band Lords of Flatbush, with Sheffield-based singer Steve Edwards and Louis Carnall formerly of Milburn, but left to concentrate on Mongrel.

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Andy Nicholson remained in the group until their 2010 hiatus but when they reformed in January 2012 Nicholson was replaced by his friend and former bandmate in The Book Club, Joe Carnall.


Andy Nicholson is part of production duo Sticky Blood with Jamie Shield.


In November 2019, along with 34 other musicians, Andy Nicholson signed a letter endorsing the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the 2019 UK general election with a call to end austerity.