58 Facts About Jeremy Corbyn

1. Jeremy Corbyn has been the Labour MP for Islington North since 1983 Since being elected Labour leader in 2015, Corbyn has divided opinion amongst his MPs and the membership.

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2. Jeremy Corbyn says second referendum 'an option for the future' as he claims he would get a better deal than PM.

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3. Jeremy Corbyn pours cold water on calls for second Brexit vote.

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4. Jeremy Corbyn admits he hasn't read the Brexit deal he's trying to defeat—and doesn't know how he'd vote in second referendum.

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5. Jeremy Corbyn has poured cold water over calls for Labour to back a second referendum on the UK's membership of the EU—saying it is "an option for the future" but "not an option for today".

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6. Jeremy Corbyn has said that a second referendum on a final Brexit deal and Britain's relationship with the European Union is "an option for the future", but conceded that he does not know how he would vote on such an issue.

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7. Jeremy Corbyn says a second EU referendum could be 'an option for the future' but does not know how he'd vote.

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8. Jeremy Corbyn spoke to Sophy Ridge on Sky News after a tumultuous week for the government.

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9. Jeremy Corbyn dismissed another Brexit vote as not "a priority" tonight as she dashed Remainers' hopes of Labour backing for a second referendum.

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10. Jeremy Corbyn came under fire from those of his MPs demanding a People's Vote on the final deal after he told the German newspaper Der Spiegel on Friday that the Labour Party "can't stop" Brexit—despite having promised in his conference speech.

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11. Jeremy Corbyn criticised by some for wearing raincoat as he paid respects at Remembrance Day service.

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12. Jeremy Corbyn has rejected growing calls for a Final Say referendum, despite a backlash from his own MPs for saying Brexit cannot be stopped.

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13. Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for wearing an anorak to the Armistice Day service at the Cenotaph.

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14. Jeremy Corbyn criticised for wearing 'scruffy' anorak to Armistice Day service.

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15. Jeremy Corbyn calls for global movement against inequality, offers support to Latin America's left.

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16. Jeremy Corbyn meets head of MI6 for first time for 'acquaintance' session.

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17. In an interview with Der Spiegel, Mr Jeremy Corbyn seemed to to say it was time to move on from thoughts of reversing Brexit.

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18. Jeremy Corbyn says 'scourge' of homelessness among armed forces veterans must end.

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19. Jeremy Corbyn receives standing ovation from packed out Youth Parliament.

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20. Jeremy Corbyn holds meeting with head of MI6 for the first time.

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21. In an interview with Spiegel, Mr Jeremy Corbyn seemed to to say it was time to move on from thoughts of reversing Brexit.

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22. Jeremy Corbyn has said that Brexit cannot be stopped in a blow to Labour MPs trying to inch the party towards backing a second referendum.

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23. Jeremy Corbyn says Brexit 'can't be stopped' amid calls for second referendum.

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24. Jeremy Corbyn has met with the head of MI6 for the first time in anticipation of a snap election triggered by the collapse of the Brexit negotiations, The Telegraph has learnt.

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25. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has officially opened a new, state-of-the-art training centre built by a high-profile company in Kirkby.

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26. Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular politician among UK women and Boris Johnson is the most popular among men, according to new analysis from polling company YouGov.

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27. Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular politician among UK women—but men prefer Boris Johnson.

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28. John McDonnell has said that Jeremy Corbyn is "not a dreamer" and insisted the pair worked well together after reports of a split between their offices.

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29. Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite under whose leadership the once fiercely anti-racist Labour Party has become institutionally anti-Semitic and an existential threat to British Jews.

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30. Jeremy Corbyn must join opposition leaders in Brexit fight before it's too late, insists Ian Blackford.

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31. Jeremy Corbyn is a British politician who is the Leader of the Labour Party and leader of the opposition.

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32. Jeremy Corbyn was filmed backstage at an awards ceremony on Monday night being.

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33. Jeremy Corbyn suffers Labour rebellion as 20 MPs vote against Government's income tax cuts.

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34. Jeremy Corbyn has won the Parliamentary "Beard of the Year Award" a record six times, as well as being named as the Beard Liberation Front's Beard of the Year, having previously described his beard as "a form of dissent" against New Labour.

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35. In 2013, Jeremy Corbyn was awarded the Gandhi International Peace Award for his "consistent efforts over a 30-year parliamentary career to uphold the Gandhian values of social justice and non‐violence.

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36. Jeremy Corbyn has described himself as frugal, telling Simon Hattenstone of The Guardian, "I don't spend a lot of money, I lead a very normal life, I ride a bicycle and I don't have a car".

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37. Jeremy Corbyn went to Papua New Guinea, from where he travelled with the body to Australia, where his brother's wife and children were staying.

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38. Jeremy Corbyn went on a motorbike tour of East Germany with Diane Abbott, after his marriage to Chapman ended.

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39. Jeremy Corbyn shared support for Chavez's successor, President Nicolas Maduro, in 2014 while congratulating him on his presidency.

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40. Jeremy Corbyn is a longtime supporter of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, which campaigns against the US embargo against Cuba and supports the Cuban Revolution.

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41. In 2012 and again in 2017, Jeremy Corbyn called for an investigation into Israeli influence in British politics.

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42. Jeremy Corbyn is a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, campaigning against conflict in Gaza and what the organisation considers to be "apartheid in Israel".

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43. In May 2012, Jeremy Corbyn authored a piece in the Morning Star titled "High time for an end to NATO" where he described the organisation as an "instrument of cold war manipulation".

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44. Jeremy Corbyn has called for Tony Blair to be investigated for alleged war crimes during the Iraq War.

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45. In 2018, Jeremy Corbyn said his main reason for not committing to remaining in the single market was freedom from EU rules on state aid to industry.

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46. Jeremy Corbyn opposed the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993, opposed the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, and backed a proposed referendum on British withdrawal from the European Union in 2011.

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47. Jeremy Corbyn has campaigned against Private Finance Initiative schemes, supported a higher rate of income tax for the wealthiest in society, and his shadow chancellor proposed the introduction of a £10 per hour living wage.

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48. Jeremy Corbyn has said he has read some of the works of Adam Smith, Karl Marx and David Ricardo and has "looked at many, many others".

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49. Jeremy Corbyn said he welcomed Prime Minister Theresa May's proposal to seek an early general election in 2017.

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50. Jeremy Corbyn said the train was "ram-packed" and used this to support his policy to reverse the 1990s privatisation of the railways of Great Britain.

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51. On 16 August 2016, Jeremy Corbyn released a video of himself sitting on the floor of a Virgin Trains East Coast train while travelling to a leadership hustings in Gateshead.

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52. Jeremy Corbyn was encouraged to resign by Tom Watson and senior Labour politicians including his predecessor, Ed Miliband.

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53. Jeremy Corbyn hosted a call-in show on Press TV, an Iranian government television channel, from 2009 to 2012, for which he was paid up to £20,000, according to the register of members' interests at the House of Commons.

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54. In 2006, Jeremy Corbyn was one of 12 Labour MPs to support Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party's call for a parliamentary inquiry into the Iraq War.

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55. In the 1980s Jeremy Corbyn took a keen interest in the conflict in Northern Ireland.

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56. Jeremy Corbyn became the local Labour Party's agent and organiser, and had responsibility for the 1979 general election campaign in Hornsey.

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57. Jeremy Corbyn was the national chair of the Stop the War Coalition from 2011 to 2015.

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58. Jeremy Corbyn was first elected Member of Parliament for Islington North in 1983.

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