36 Facts About Diane Abbott

1. Diane Abbott tweeted: "Amber Rudd resigned because of her mismanagement of Windrush scandal.

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2. Diane Abbott criticised the appointment of Ms Rudd back to a Cabinet post so soon after the Windrush scandal.

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3. Diane Abbott criticised the appointment of Rudd back to a Cabinet post so soon after the Windrush scandal.

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4. Diane Abbott warned that a second referendum could have the same result Sir Keir has said that Labour is not obliged to vote for deal if it were a bad one.

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5. Diane Abbott has had so many that a new section of the Highway Code should be dedicated to her.

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6. In 2007, Diane Abbott began learning the piano under the tutelage of Paul Roberts, Professor of Piano at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, for the TV programme Play It Again.

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7. Diane Abbott chose her Conservative MP voting pair, Jonathan Aitken, as her son's godfather.

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8. Diane Abbott had a brief relationship with current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn when he was a councillor in north London in the late 1970s, before marrying David P Ayensu-Thompson, a Ghanaian architect, in 1991.

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9. In 2017, Diane Abbott was criticised after it emerged that in 2011, she charged the University of Birmingham £1,750 for a 50-minute speech.

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10. Diane Abbott replied that "[i]t was 34 years ago and I've moved on".

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11. In the 1984 interview, Diane Abbott criticised the Unionist population of Northern Ireland as an "enclave of white supremacist ideology comparable to white settlers in Zimbabwe" and called for their views to be ignored on the question of Unification adding "Ireland is our struggle—every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us.

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12. In May 2017, The Sunday Times reported that Diane Abbott backed the IRA in a 1984 interview with Labour and Ireland, a pro-republican journal.

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13. On 4 January 2012, Diane Abbott tweeted that: "White people love playing 'divide and rule' We should not play their game", which again led to widespread criticism including accusations of racism.

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14. In 1996, Diane Abbott was criticised after she claimed that at her local hospital "blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls" were unsuitable as nurses because they had "never met a black person before".

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15. Diane Abbott wrote, "warm words are not enough" and maintained that transparency was needed to give the Windrush generation confidence ministers have come to grips with what is, "clearly a systemic problem at the Home Office.

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16. Diane Abbott wrote to Sajid Javid demanding that he publish the figures for people caught up in the Windrush scandal, and tell how many Commonwealth citizens lost their jobs, became homeless and were prevented from using public services.

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17. Diane Abbott campaigned and supported the Labour Party's official preference for the remain campaign in the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016.

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18. Diane Abbott criticised David Cameron's government for its continued support for Saudi Arabian-led military intervention in Yemen.

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19. Diane Abbott supported a number of pro-choice amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

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20. Diane Abbott has a record of differing from some party policies, voting against the Iraq War, opposing ID cards and campaigning against the renewal of Britain's Trident nuclear weapons.

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21. Diane Abbott was shortlisted for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award in 2015 for her work on London Schools and the Black Child, and remains in the directory of the Grassroot Diplomat Who's Who publication.

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22. Diane Abbott is a frequent public speaker, newspaper contributor and TV performer, appearing on programmes including Have I Got News for You, Celebrity Come Dine with Me and Cash in the Celebrity Attic.

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23. For her part, Diane Abbott had correctly declared the payments in the Parliamentary Register of Members' Interests.

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24. Diane Abbott denied reports Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell were attempting to stop her from making broadcasts.

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25. In the interview, Diane Abbott frequently paused, shuffled her papers and gave out the wrong figures.

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26. On 30 November 2014, Diane Abbott announced her intention to put herself forward to become Labour's candidate at the London mayoral elections in 2016.

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27. On 23 June 2014, Diane Abbott had stated she would consider standing in the London mayoral election, 2016, as Mayor of London.

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28. On 8 October 2013, Diane Abbott was sacked as shadow public health minister in a reshuffle by Labour leader Ed Miliband, and replaced as Shadow Public Health Minister by Luciana Berger.

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29. On 20 May 2010, Diane Abbott announced her intention to stand in the Labour leadership contest.

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30. Diane Abbott is founder of the London Schools and the Black Child initiative, which aims to raise educational achievement levels amongst black children.

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31. Diane Abbott was the first black woman to become an MP, elected in the same year as Keith Vaz, Bernie Grant and Paul Boateng.

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32. Diane Abbott was a press officer at the Greater London Council under Ken Livingstone from 1985 to 1986 and Head of Press and Public Relations at Lambeth Council from 1986 to 1987.

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33. Diane Abbott was a researcher and reporter at Thames Television from 1980 to 1983 and then a researcher at the breakfast television company TV-am from 1983 to 1985.

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34. Diane Abbott was born to Jamaican parents in Paddington, London, in 1953.

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35. Diane Abbott is seen as being on the left of the Labour party and has voted against the party on several occasions, voting against the Iraq War, the introduction of ID cards and the renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent.

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36. Diane Abbott supported Jeremy Corbyn in his bid to become leader, and was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.

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