12 Facts About John Bercow

1. Mr John Bercow travelled to Warwickshire to play against his friend Chris Onslow, a local tennis.

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2. Mr John Bercow said documents relating to official MP trips broad should come under the same privilege as rules that allow MPs and peers to speak freely in Parliament.

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3. On October 16, 2018, sources close to John Bercow stated that he would retire as Speaker of the House of Commons sometime in June or July of 2019.

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4. In July 2015 John Bercow was again criticised for the amount of his expenses, including a claim of £172 for a 0.7 mile chauffeur-driven journey.

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5. In 2008, John Bercow was asked by Labour cabinet members Ed Balls and Alan Johnson to produce a substantial review of children and families affected by speech, language and communication needs.

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6. In 2003, John Bercow praised prime minister Tony Blair for his speech about Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction.

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7. In 1995, John Bercow was appointed as a special adviser to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Jonathan Aitken.

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8. In 1986, John Bercow was elected as a Conservative councillor in the London Borough of Lambeth, and served for four years representing the Streatham, St Leonard's ward.

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9. In his youth, John Bercow had been ranked Britain's No 1 junior tennis player, but came down with bronchial asthma and was unable to pursue a professional career.

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10. In 2014, John Bercow was appointed Chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire, and in July 2017 he was appointed Chancellor of the University of Essex.

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11. In September 2004, John Bercow was sacked after disagreements with Howard.

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12. In the 1997 general election, John Bercow was elected the MP for Buckingham and promoted to the shadow cabinet in 2001.

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