14 Facts About Angry Birds


Angry Birds is a Finnish action-based media franchise created by Rovio Entertainment.

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Angry Birds released ports of the game to other touchscreen smartphone operating systems, including Android.

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In early 2019, all remaining Angry Birds games released before October 2014 were discontinued and removed from app stores, though Bad Piggies was added back in early 2020.

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From 2011 to 17, Angry Birds has collaborated with many other companies and released variations of the game in the respective companies' theme.

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Rovio is investigating ways to expand the Angry Birds brand, including merchandise, television shows and movies.

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Angry Birds Toons is released through third-party video distribution platforms, including Comcast's Xfinity On-Demand in the US, Samsung Smart TVs, and Roku set-top boxes.

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Angry Birds Land opened in May 2014 at Johor Bahru City Centre in Malaysia.

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Angry Birds characters have been referenced in television programs throughout the world.

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Angry Birds then provides a tip for Liz to improve her score in the game.

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Angry Birds were featured in the 2013 Helsinki episode of Veep.

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Angry Birds was referenced in the film The Starving Games, a parody of The Hunger Games.

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Angry Birds was referenced in the Family Guy episode "Turban Cowboy" where one failed skydiving attempt by Peter results in him landing in a level.

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Angry Birds sponsored the Lotus F1 Team that year, with its logo on the top of each Lotus Renault F1 car's nosecone.

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In 2015, a spin-off from the Rovio Angry Birds Playground was established as Fun Academy by co-founder and CEO Sanna Lukander, former Rovio's vice president of learning and book publishing, and co-founder Peter Vesterbacka, former Rovio's 'Mighty Eagle'.

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