27 Facts About Anita Bonds


Anita Bonds was born on 1945 and is an American Democratic politician in Washington, D C She is an at-large member of the Council of the District of Columbia.

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Anita Bonds served as the Chair of the District of Columbia Democratic Party from 2006 to 2018.

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Anita Bonds worked as an executive at Fort Myer Construction, a District contractor.

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Anita Bonds helped run Marion Barry's first campaign for the District of Columbia Board of Education in 1971.

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Anita Bonds was elected Ward 2 delegate to the Black Political Convention in 1972.

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In 1973, Anita Bonds ran in a special election for the Ward 2 seat on the District of Columbia Board of Education.

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Anita Bonds worked as ward and precinct coordinator for Clifford Alexander's campaign for District mayor in 1974.

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Anita Bonds served as deputy campaign manager for Barry's 1978 and 1982 bids for District mayor.

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In 1983, Anita Bonds was director of the District of Columbia Office of Community Services.

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Anita Bonds served on Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign in 1984.

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Anita Bonds was campaign manager for Barry's bid for a third term as District mayor in 1986.

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In 1990, Anita Bonds helped the defense attorney in Marion Barry's drug and perjury charges.

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In 1994, Bonds became special assistant to District Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly's chief of staff, Karen A Tramontano.

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In May 1998, Anita Bonds was named campaign manager for Councilmember Harold Brazil's bid for District mayor.

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When elected to the D C Council, Bonds worked as an executive for Fort Myer Construction, one of the district's largest contractors.

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Anita Bonds said she would cut back on her hours when taking her seat on the Council but did not immediately sever ties with the company.

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Anita Bonds characterized questions about her outside employment as chauvinistic.

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Anita Bonds announced that she would seek to be selected to hold the at-large Council seat.

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Anita Bonds introduced legislation to limit property taxes on senior citizens.

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In 2017, Anita Bonds attended the parade for the inauguration of Donald Trump.

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In December 2019, Anita Bonds was criticized in the media for revealing the identity of a whistleblower during a public hearing.

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Anita Bonds claimed the outing was accidental, but some D C government employees suggested on background that they believed it was an intentional act of retaliation.

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In July 2020, Bonds opposed legislation that would have moved funds from the extension of the D C Streetcar to repair public housing.

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In October 2020, Anita Bonds complained after activists from the advocacy group Sunrise Movement demonstrated in front of her home, protesting that she was not more supportive of affordable housing and her endorsement of a developer for a vacant at-large position on the DC Council.

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Anita Bonds equated her treatment to other African Americans who suffered at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan.

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Anita Bonds has one adult daughter, two adult sons, and seven grandchildren.

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Anita Bonds is a former member of the Committee on Business and Economic Development.

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