70 Facts About Anna Shcherbakova


Anna Stanislavovna Shcherbakova is a Russian figure skater and television presenter.


Anna Shcherbakova is the 2022 Olympic champion, the 2021 World champion, a two-time European silver medalist, the 2019 Grand Prix Final silver medalist, the 2019 Skate America champion, the 2019 Cup of China champion, the 2021 Internationaux de France champion, the 2021 Gran Premio d'Italia champion, the 2019 CS Lombardia Trophy champion, and a three-time Russian national champion.


At the junior level, Shcherbakova is the 2019 World Junior silver medalist, 2018 JGP Slovakia champion, 2018 JGP Canada champion, 2019 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival champion, and 2019 Russian junior national bronze medalist.


Anna Shcherbakova is the first senior female skater to land a quad Lutz in competition and the first woman to land two quad Lutz jumps in a single program.


Anna Shcherbakova is the first to land a quad flip in combination with a triple jump, as well as the first woman to land two quad flip jumps in a single program.


Additionally, Anna Shcherbakova is the first and only Olympic champion in women's single skating who competed with quad jumps.


Anna Shcherbakova was born in Moscow on 28 March 2004 to parents Stanislav and Yulia, a physicist and a geologist-crystallographer.


Anna Shcherbakova's great-grandfather, Prokhor Shcherbakov, was a Soviet statesman and politician.


Anna Shcherbakova has an older sister, Inna, and a younger sister, Yana.


Anna Shcherbakova's parents signed their daughters up for skating lessons to keep them active with her mother eventually quitting her job in order to be able to drive the kids to the rink for practice as well as attending Anna Shcherbakova's competitions.


Anna Shcherbakova parted ways with Bulycheva in 2013 and began training in the elite group at the same rink, led by Eteri Tutberidze and Sergei Dudakov.


Anna Shcherbakova returned to competition in January 2018 at the 2018 Russian Junior Championships, finishing thirteenth with a total score of 179.19.


Anna Shcherbakova was assigned to events in Slovakia and Canada.


At JGP Canada, Anna Shcherbakova placed first in both the short program and free skate and won the gold medal by a margin of five points over the silver medalist, Anastasia Tarakanova.


At the final, Anna Shcherbakova placed last in the short program and in the free skate, she placed fifth in the segment and overall.


At the 2019 Russian Championships, Anna Shcherbakova placed fifth in the short program and first in the free skate, winning the national title over Alexandra Trusova by 0.07 points.


Anna Shcherbakova then competed at the 2019 Russian Junior National Championships.


Anna Shcherbakova then competed at the 2019 European Youth Olympic Festival in Sarajevo and won the gold medal nearly thirty points ahead of silver medalist Lucrezia Beccari.


Anna Shcherbakova was selected by the Russian Figure Skating Federation to compete at the 2019 Junior World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, alongside Trusova and Kostornaia.


Anna Shcherbakova placed first in the short program after receiving a score of 72.86.


In September, Anna Shcherbakova entered her first international senior competition in Italy at the ISU Challenger Series event, the 2019 Lombardia Trophy.


Anna Shcherbakova made her ISU Grand Prix debut at the 2019 Skate America, where she won the gold medal after placing fourth in the short program and first in the free skate.


Anna Shcherbakova set new records for the highest valued single jump, earning 14.79 points for her quadruple Lutz, and for the highest valued jump combinations, when she earned 18.66 points for her quad Lutz-triple toe loop combination.


Anna Shcherbakova won her second event, the 2019 Cup of China, by a 14.86-point margin and qualified for the Grand Prix Final in Torino.


At the Grand Prix Final, Anna Shcherbakova placed third in the short program behind teammates Alena Kostornaia and Alina Zagitova.


Anna Shcherbakova nevertheless placed first in the free skate and won the silver medal behind Kostornaia.


Anna Shcherbakova won the free skate, landing two quad Lutzes and the quad flip for the first time, and won her second national title by just under two points overall.


Anna Shcherbakova competed at the 2020 European Championships, delivering a clean short program skate to place second.


Anna Shcherbakova debuted both of her programs at the Russian senior test skates with only one fall on her quad Lutz attempt in the free program, which she called "a good starting point".


Anna Shcherbakova won the first stage in Syzran with a score of 246.40 and the third stage in Sochi with 239.91 points.


Anna Shcherbakova was assigned, as with other prominent Russian skaters, to the 2020 Rostelecom Cup after the ISU decided to base the Grand Prix primarily on geographic location due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Anna Shcherbakova had limited ability to train in advance of the 2021 Russian Championships due to pneumonia.


Anna Shcherbakova decided to compete in the event against her coaches' recommendation for her to withdraw.


Anna Shcherbakova won the short program with a score of 80.31 despite competing with a 100-degree fever.


Anna Shcherbakova became the first woman to win three consecutive Russian titles since Irina Slutskaya from 1999 to 2001.


Anna Shcherbakova was assigned to the Russian team for the 2021 World Championships in Stockholm.


Anna Shcherbakova placed second in both segments of the competition, and the Red Machine won the trophy.


Anna Shcherbakova opted not to participate in the Russian Cup Final in order to rest before the World Championships.


Anna Shcherbakova then placed second in the free program with a score of 152.17 points in spite of falling on one of her quad jumps, within one point of Trusova's 152.38 points.


Anna Shcherbakova then competed as part of the Russian team for the 2021 World Team Trophy in April, winning the short program on the opening day within one point ahead of Tuktamysheva.


Anna Shcherbakova finished in first place and won a gold medal with team Russia.


Anna Shcherbakova began her Olympic season in October at the 2021 Budapest Trophy.


Anna Shcherbakova led after the short program, but was later overtaken in the free skate by training-mate Maiia Khromykh after falling on her opening quad flip.


Anna Shcherbakova placed second in the free skate to finish narrowly behind Khromykh and take the silver medal overall.


Anna Shcherbakova came back in the free skate and landed a quad flip to win both that segment and the gold medal.


Anna Shcherbakova went on to win her second event, the 2021 Internationaux de France, defeating Alena Kostornaia by almost eight points.


At the 2022 Russian Championships, Anna Shcherbakova placed second in the short program behind Kamila Valieva.


Anna Shcherbakova fell on her only quad attempt in the free skate, placing fourth in that segment, but took the bronze medal overall behind Valieva and Alexandra Trusova.


However, in 2023, Valieva was stripped of the Russian title due to testing positive for the banned substance trimetazidine, so Anna Shcherbakova became the silver medalist.


At the 2022 European Championships in Tallinn, Anna Shcherbakova placed fourth in the short program after falling on her triple Lutz and failing to execute a jump combination.


Anna Shcherbakova was not considered the favorite to win the gold medal in the women's event after losing to Valieva at both the Russian and European Championships.


Anna Shcherbakova was not selected to compete in the team event as Valieva competed in both segments.


In early March 2022, the ISU banned all figure skaters and officials from Russia and Belarus from attending the World Championships due to Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February, therefore Anna Shcherbakova was not allowed to participate and defend her title.


Anna Shcherbakova was named the captain of the Red Machine team.


The first day of the competition was a jumping competition, and Anna Shcherbakova led her team to victory.


Anna Shcherbakova did not recover from the surgery in time for the 2023 Russian Championships.


On 18 March 2023, Anna Shcherbakova performed in Moscow at a show program tournament called the "Russian Challenge".


Anna Shcherbakova presented a program to the music from the Soviet TV series "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and finished third in the competition with a score of 19.08.


Anna Shcherbakova's skating has been distinguished by her high consistency in the performance of her programs.


Anna Shcherbakova's quad jumping ability is often compared to those of her teammates Kamila Valieva and Alexandra Trusova.


Anna Shcherbakova is known for her musicality and dramatic performances.


In March 2020, Anna Shcherbakova became American company Nike's brand ambassador.


In May 2022, Anna Shcherbakova became an ambassador of Chery Omoda 5.


In July 2022, Anna Shcherbakova collaborated with Chinese company Geetaverse to release a collection of NFTs titled "Born to Skate".


In March 2023, Anna Shcherbakova became the ambassador for MELA, a sporting goods brand.


In March 2020, Anna Shcherbakova has graced over the cover of the Russian edition of Tatler alongside teammates Alina Zagitova, Alexandra Trusova, and Alena Kostornaia.


In February 2023, Anna Shcherbakova has graced the cover of the Russian edition of The Voice magazine alongside Alina Zagitova.


In October 2022, Anna Shcherbakova joined fellow Russian Olympic champions Alexei Yagudin and Alina Zagitova as a host of the ninth season of Ice Age on Channel One.


In December 2022, Anna Shcherbakova hosted the New Year's Eve show on Channel One.


On 22 November 2022, Anna Shcherbakova made her debut in the voiceover in the project of CGTN production on integrated communications of traditional culture "Revived Myths of Ancient China".