17 Facts About Anne Donahue


Anne de la Blanchetai Donahue is an American politician from the state of Vermont.


Anne Donahue has served as a Republican member of the Vermont House of Representatives since 2003, representing the Washington-1 district, which includes the Washington County towns of Berlin and Northfield.


Anne Donahue is editor of Counterpoint, a quarterly mental health publication distributed for free throughout Vermont.


Anne Donahue was born on March 20,1956, in Burlington, Vermont.


Anne Donahue attended the Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne in Paris in 1976.


Anne Donahue served as senior staff attorney for the New York location until 1986 and stayed on as program director until 1988, when she left to become executive director of the Covenant Center location in Los Angeles.


Anne Donahue served as the California location's executive director until 1990.


In 1990, Anne Donahue moved to Northfield, Vermont, where her family has roots going back five generations.


From 1991 to 1996, Anne Donahue worked as a junior high school teacher in Winooski, Vermont.


Anne Donahue has served on a number of non-legislative committees, including the Act 129 Parity Committee ; the State Standing Committee for Adult Mental Health ; the Fletcher Allen Health Care Mental Health Task Force ; the State Hospital Futures Committee ; and the Corrections Stakeholder Mental Health Committee.


Anne Donahue has served on the US Secretary of Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections, and was a member of Rotary International from 2003 to 2004.


Anne Donahue represents the Washington-2 district, which includes the Washington County towns of Moretown, Northfield, and Roxbury.


Anne Donahue has been serving on the Mental Health Oversight Committee since 2003, as has been described in the Rutland Herald as "one of the Legislature's strongest mental health advocates".


Anne Donahue was the ranking minority member of the Human Services Committee.


Anne Donahue was instrumental in amending the bill to clarify a distinction between civil and religious marriage.


Anne Donahue is a single mother of an adopted adult son.


Anne Donahue is Roman Catholic, and is a member, lector and extraordinary minister of Holy Communion at the St John the Evangelist RC Church in Northfield.