13 Facts About Anne Guerrant


Anne Guerrant won many doubles titles on the pro tour with several different partners including Ann Kiyomura and Kerry Reid with whom she won the Australian Open doubles title in 1977.


Anne Guerrant retired from the pro tour in 1980, and since then she has won one world and fourteen age group National Singles Championships as of 2016.


Anne Guerrant is a retired real estate entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and author of How to Be Richer Than Your Parents, a book about finances for high schoolers and young adults.


Anne Guerrant grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, in a big family with seven children.


Anne Guerrant was discovered by Don Klotz, the Tennis Coach at the University of Iowa, when she won her first tournament.


When she was a high school junior Anne Guerrant went to her local school board and made a case for a girls' tennis team.


The school got a girls' tennis team, and Anne Guerrant won the state high school tournament twice.

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Anne Guerrant received an academic scholarship to Rollins College in Florida where she played varsity tennis.


Anne Guerrant was one of the founders of the Women's Tennis Association along with Billie Jean King and other women's rights pioneers.


Anne Guerrant was the Chairman of the Ranking Committee and helped introduce the first computer-generated ranking system to the women's pro tour.


Anne Guerrant resolved to help those impoverished people but did not know an effective way until she took a trip in 2005 to India with her husband, Terry.


The Anne Guerrant Foundation helps women and families improve their lives through small loans to start their own businesses.


The Anne Guerrant Foundation has improved the lives of thousands of the world's most impoverished people.