37 Facts About Anne-Marie Trevelyan


Anne-Marie Belinda Trevelyan is a British politician serving as Secretary of State for Transport since 2022.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan has previously served as Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade from 2021 to 2022, and as Secretary of State for International Development in 2020.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan was privately educated at St Paul's Girls' School, Hammersmith.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan is a former Governor of Northumbria Healthcare Trust and of Berwick Academy.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan unsuccessfully stood as the Conservative candidate in the Morpeth North ward of Castle Morpeth Borough Council in 1999.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan subsequently stood as the Conservative candidate in the Hartburn ward of Castle Morpeth Borough Council in 2003, but failed to get elected.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan unsuccessfully stood in the 2010 general election as the Conservative candidate for Berwick-upon-Tweed, achieving a swing from the Liberal Democrats to Conservatives of 8.

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At the 2015 general election, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was elected as the MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed, gaining the seat for the Conservatives with a 9.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan was re-elected with an increased majority in the 2017 general election.

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In June 2015, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was appointed Vice-Chairman of the newly created All-Party Parliamentary Group on Forestry.

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In Parliament, Anne-Marie Trevelyan served on the Public Accounts Select Committee between July 2015 and May 2017.

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In January 2018, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Gavin Williamson in the Ministry of Defence.

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An outspoken Eurosceptic, Anne-Marie Trevelyan resigned as a Parliamentary Private Secretary in November 2018 over her disagreement with Theresa May's draft Brexit withdrawal agreement.

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In November 2018, Anne-Marie Trevelyan referred Labour shadow minister Kate Osamor to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, on the grounds that Osamor's behaviour "failed to uphold" the code of conduct for MPs, after Osamor continued to employ her son Haringey Councillor, Ishmael Osamor, as a senior communications adviser, despite her son pleading guilty to possession of drugs valued at £2,500.

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On 27 July 2019, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence Procurement in the first Johnson ministry.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan was promoted to Minister of State for the Armed Forces on 16 December 2019.

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On 13 February 2020, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was promoted to Secretary of State for International Development during the first cabinet reshuffle of the second Johnson ministry.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan responded to Owen by saying "It was not my intent to cause any offence, and I am truly sorry if I did so".

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan's department was merged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 2 September 2020, when Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab assumed responsibility for a new department, named the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan returned to the backbench between September 2020 and January 2021 during which time on the 7 November 2020, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was appointed the UK International Champion on Adaptation and Resilience for the COP26 Presidency.

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However on 8 January 2021, Anne-Marie Trevelyan returned to government after being appointed Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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On 15 September 2021, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was appointed Secretary of State for International Trade during the second cabinet reshuffle of the second Johnson ministry.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan supported Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the Westminster lockdown parties controversy.

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On 6 September 2022, Anne-Marie Trevelyan was appointed Secretary of State for Transport during the formation of the first Truss ministry.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan is the first modern Secretary of State for Transport to assume responsibility for shipping directly, as this responsibility has traditionally been delegated to a junior minister.

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In June 2015, Anne-Marie Trevelyan joined the Conservatives for Britain group, a Eurosceptic group within the Conservative Party which subsequently moved closer to outright opposition to British membership of the European Union.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan later joined the European Research Group – the primary Eurosceptic lobbying group within Parliament.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan advocated a vote in favour of Brexit for the 2016 EU membership referendum.

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The Independent reported that Anne-Marie Trevelyan faced calls for her sacking as a ministerial aide for attending the event in defiance of an order from Conservative whips for party MPs not to take part.

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On 15 November 2018, Anne-Marie Trevelyan resigned from her post as a Parliamentary Private Secretary over Theresa May's draft EU withdrawal agreement.

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Between 2010 and 2012 Anne-Marie Trevelyan wrote a series of incorrect tweets denying global warming, including stating "[there is] clear evidence that the ice caps aren't melting after all" and "global warming isn't actually happening".

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan is a member of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme and campaigns to improve mental health services for veterans in Northumberland.

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In 2015 Anne-Marie Trevelyan secured the support of life sciences minister George Freeman for pharmaceutical company Covance which had a site in her constituency.

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In May 2016, it was reported that Anne-Marie Trevelyan was one of a number of Conservative MPs being investigated by police in the 2015 general election party spending investigation, for allegedly spending more than the legal limit on constituency election campaign expenses.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan is divorced with two teenage children, in October 2017, she said that one of her teenage sons might not have voted for her if he had been old enough to vote.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan previously lived in Netherwitton Hall, a Grade II listed country house near Morpeth with her former husband John Trevelyan, owner of the Netherwitton Hall Estates.

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Anne-Marie Trevelyan took part in the Singing for Syrians concert at Westminster in December 2017.

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