14 Facts About AnnMarie Wolpe


AnnMarie Wolpe was a South African anti-apartheid activist, sociologist and feminist.

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AnnMarie Wolpe's husband Harold Wolpe was a South African anti-apartheid activist who was imprisoned along with Nelson Mandela.

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AnnMarie Wolpe fled South Africa after being arrested and interrogated.

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AnnMarie Wolpe wrote of her ordeal and she was among the initial editorial collective of Feminist Review when it was founded in 1979.

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AnnMarie Wolpe's brother was James Kantor, arrested but acquitted in the Rivonia Trial.

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AnnMarie Wolpe worked for the Transvaal clothing industry medical aid society, and later ran a bursary fund for African students.

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Harold AnnMarie Wolpe was arrested in July 1963 along with Nelson Mandela and other ANC activists.

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AnnMarie Wolpe later wrote a book, The Long Way Home, describing this part of her life.

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AnnMarie Wolpe worked initially in the University of Bradford's Yugoslav studies unit.

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AnnMarie Wolpe then moved to the future Middlesex University and established its Women's Studies programme, gaining a Ph.

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AnnMarie Wolpe was one of the initial editorial collective for the Feminist Review, and co-edited a work Feminism and Materialism with Annette Kuhn.

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AnnMarie Wolpe worked at University of the Western Cape, initially in its Centre for Adult and Continuing Education and then in the Education Policy Unit until she retired in 1998.

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AnnMarie Wolpe then led a Gender Equity Task Team for the Ministry of Education and set up the Gender Equity Directorate in the Department of Education.

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AnnMarie Wolpe died in her sleep on 14 February 2018, aged 87, and was survived by three children and six grandchildren.

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