12 Facts About Antarctic exploration


The term Antarctic exploration, referring to the opposite of the Arctic Circle, was coined by Marinus of Tyre in the 2nd century AD.

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Antarctic exploration was sent out again to complete the exploration of the new land, and found it to be only an inhospitable island which he renamed the Isle of Desolation, but which was ultimately named after him.

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Antarctic exploration thereby laid open the way for future Antarctic exploration by exploding the myth of a habitable southern continent.

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Antarctic exploration found some remnants and signs of the wreckage of the Spanish ship San Telmo, but to the date it is unknown if any surviving crew members of the San Telmo was landed there.

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Antarctic exploration's expedition sailed eastward along the southern Antarctic coast discovering mountains which were since named after his ships: Mount Erebus, the most active volcano on Antarctica, and Mount Terror.

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Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration began at the end of the 19th century and closed with Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1917.

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Murray advocated that research into the Antarctic exploration should be organised to "resolve the outstanding geographical questions still posed in the south".

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Year later, the Scottish National Antarctic exploration Expedition was launched, headed by William Speirs Bruce.

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Swedish Antarctic exploration Expedition, operating at the same time worked in the east coastal area of Graham Land, and was marooned on Snow Hill Island and Paulet Island in the Weddell Sea, after the sinking of its expedition ship.

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Norway's claim was disputed by Nazi Germany, which in 1938 dispatched the German Antarctic exploration Expedition, led by Alfred Ritscher, to fly over as much of it as possible.

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Antarctic exploration was born farther south than anyone in history.

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All mineral extraction was banned for 50 years and the Antarctic exploration was set aside as a "natural reserve, devoted to peace and science".

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