25 Facts About Anthony Rapp


Anthony Deane Rapp was born on October 26,1971 and is an American actor and singer who originated the role of Mark Cohen in the Broadway production of Rent.


Anthony Rapp currently plays Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets on the television series Star Trek: Discovery.


Anthony Rapp was born on October 26,1971, in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in nearby Joliet, Illinois, to Mary Lee and Douglas Anthony Rapp.


Anthony Rapp participated in community theater as a child and won awards for his singing in junior high school.


Anthony Rapp attended high school at Joliet West High School and theatre camp at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan.


Anthony Rapp moved to New York in 1989 to attend New York University as a film student, but dropped out after a semester.


Anthony Rapp first performed on Broadway in 1981 in The Little Prince and the Aviator, a musical based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery's novel The Little Prince.

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Anthony Rapp has appeared in several movies and Broadway shows.


Anthony Rapp went on to play the character of Mark Cohen in the off-Broadway and original Broadway casts of Jonathan Larson's musical Rent.


Anthony Rapp reprised that role in the film adaptation, which was released on November 23,2005.


Anthony Rapp returned to Rent on July 30,2007, for a six-week run, along with original cast member Adam Pascal.


In 2000, Anthony Rapp released a solo CD, entitled Look Around.


Anthony Rapp developed a one-man stage show with music based on the memoir beginning in 2007, later performing it at such locations as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


In 2005, Anthony Rapp played the doctor in the world premiere of Feeling Electric at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.


Anthony Rapp appeared in "Psych: The Musical", an episode of the TV series Psych, which premiered on USA Network on December 15,2013.


In 2016, Anthony Rapp was cast in Star Trek: Discovery as Lt.


Anthony Rapp had a close relationship with his mother, who was battling cancer during the beginning of the off-Broadway and Broadway transfer of Rent.


Anthony Rapp first came out to his mother at the age of 18, and by her death in 1997 she had grown comfortable with it.


Anthony Rapp has identified as "bisexual" and "four-and-a-half" on the Kinsey scale.


Anthony Rapp has cited working with Larry Kramer as a young man for his commitment to activism and "liv[ing] an open life".


Anthony Rapp is a "die hard" Chicago Cubs fan and co-hosts the podcast The Clubhouse about baseball.


In November 2019, Anthony Rapp announced his engagement to his partner, Ken Ithiphol.


Anthony Rapp stated that at the end of the evening, an apparently drunk Spacey "picked [him] up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold", placed him on the bed, and held him down while tightening his grip on him.


Anthony Rapp had previously discussed the incident in a 2001 interview with The Advocate, but Spacey's name was redacted from publication to avoid legal disputes and public outing.


On October 20,2022, a jury found that Anthony Rapp had not proven his allegations against Spacey.

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