13 Facts About Anti-virus software


Antivirus Anti-virus software, known as anti-malware, is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware.

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Antivirus Anti-virus software was originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses, hence the name.

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Antivirus Anti-virus software came into use, but was updated relatively infrequently.

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Traditional antivirus Anti-virus software relies heavily upon signatures to identify malware.

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Recovering from such damage to critical Anti-virus software infrastructure incurs technical support costs and businesses can be forced to close whilst remedial action is undertaken.

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Microsoft recommends that anti-virus software be disabled to avoid conflicts with the upgrade installation process.

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Anti-virus software can impair the performance and stability of games running in the Steam platform.

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Studies in December 2007 showed that the effectiveness of antivirus Anti-virus software had decreased in the previous year, particularly against unknown or zero day attacks.

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Anti-virus software programs are not always effective against new viruses, even those that use non-signature-based methods that should detect new viruses.

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Anti-virus software is not effective at protecting firmware and the motherboard BIOS from infection.

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Antivirus Anti-virus software has some drawbacks, first of which that it can impact a computer's performance.

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Anti-virus software has highly privileged and trusted access to the underlying operating system, which makes it a much more appealing target for remote attacks.

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Antivirus Anti-virus software running on individual computers is the most common method employed of guarding against malware, but it is not the only solution.

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