10 Facts About Antoine Goetschel


Antoine Francois Goetschel was born on 1958 and is a Swiss lawyer who has focused on animal rights law.

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Antoine Goetschel played a prominent role lobbying for the unsuccessful March 2010 Swiss referendum which would have provided legal representation to all animals involved in Swiss court cases.

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Antoine Goetschel serves as the animal advocate for the canton of Zurich.

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Antoine Goetschel says that a third of his legal work is devoted to cases involving animals and the rest of his time is spent in private practice.

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Antoine Goetschel has represented a variety of animals during his tenure as an animal lawyer, however.

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Antoine Goetschel has prosecuted on behalf of fish that were used in a game show episode in which contestants attempted to catch them by hand, arguing that the contestants did not treat the fish with the dignity they deserved.

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Antoine Goetschel became interested in animal rights at age 23 after an accident left him temporarily unable to speak.

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Antoine Goetschel later became a vegetarian and became active in the animal rights movement.

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Antoine Goetschel has played a prominent role in lobbying for Swiss animal rights legislation.

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Antoine Goetschel lobbied on behalf of 2003 law which led to animals being treated as sentient beings, rather than property, in Swiss law.

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