12 Facts About Anton Karas


Anton Karl Karas was an Austrian zither player and composer, best known for his internationally famous 1948 soundtrack to Carol Reed's The Third Man.

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Anton Karas was later legitimized by her marriage to a factory worker, Karl Josef Karas.

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Anton Karas wanted to become a bandleader, which was impossible because of his family's financial situation.

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Anton Karas was allowed to learn to play an instrument, as were his two brothers and two sisters.

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Anton Karas later reported that his first zither was one he found in his grandmother's attic at the age of 12.

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Anton Karas finished his apprenticeship in 1924, and worked in a car factory until becoming unemployed in January 1925.

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Anton Karas soon earned more than his father, and continued his studies until 1928.

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Anton Karas lost more than one instrument from war action, but always managed to find another one.

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Anton Karas appeared before Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, members of the Swedish royal family, and Pope Pius XII.

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In Brigittenau, where Anton Karas was born, people queued for tickets which were sold out eight days in advance.

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Anton Karas disliked the glamour, and his soundtrack proved to be an enduring one-hit wonder.

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Anton Karas was not satisfied, as he preferred to perform for locals who would understand him, his language and music.

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