10 Facts About Antonio Margheriti


Antonio Margheriti, known under the pseudonyms Anthony M Dawson and Antony Daisies, was an Italian filmmaker.

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Antonio Margheriti was born in Rome on 19 September 1930.

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Antonio Margheriti was the son of a railroad engineer and began his film career in 1950 working with Mario Serandrei.

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Antonio Margheriti then began making short documentaries beginning with Vecchia Roma in 1953.

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In 1954, Antonio Margheriti was credited with special effects in films such as Pino Mercanti's I cinque dell'Adamello and La notte che la terra tremo.

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Antonio Margheriti grew up reading science fiction comics, and when he was offered the film Space-Men, he signed on as director.

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Antonio Margheriti followed up this film with Battle of the Worlds starring actor Claude Rains, which was in turn followed by The Golden Arrow with Tab Hunter and some more peplum-style films such as The Fall of Rome and Giants of Rome.

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Antonio Margheriti then returned to science fiction with his Gamma I series, originally filmed for the Italian television series Fantascienza but afterwards released theatrically.

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Antonio Margheriti followed these films with some westerns, including Take a Hard Ride and And God Said to Cain.

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Antonio Margheriti delved into the genre of films inspired by The Wild Geese with Code Name: Wild Geese and Commando Leopard starring Lewis Collins as well as Conan the Barbarian with Yor, the Hunter from the Future, which was shot in Turkey and was picked up by Columbia Pictures for an American release to 1400 theaters.

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