26 Facts About Tab Hunter

1. Tab Hunter received strong critical acclaim for a television performance he gave in the debut episode of Playhouse 90 written by Rod Serling and directed by John Frankenheimer.

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2. Tab Hunter was born in New York City, but he and his brother were raised in southern California by a single mother.

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3. Tab Hunter was a Hollywood pop idol of the 1950s, a screen heartthrob who secretly lived the life of a gay man.

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4. Tab Hunter was a Coast Guardsman who became a matinee heartthrob in the fifties, appearing in over 40 movies.

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5. Tab Hunter loved it and went after the part hard, testing nine times; two other up-and-comers, James Dean and Paul Newman, went out for it, but in the end it was his, and it rocketed him to stardom.

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6. Tab Hunter has known for the 50s era movies like Polyester and Battle Green.

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7. Tab Hunter is an American actor, singer, and author who has starred in over 40 films.

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8. Tab Hunter describes the breakdown in chapter 11 of his autobiography, Tab Hunter: Confidential.

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9. Tab Hunter met Allan Glaser in in early 1980s, when Hunter was 52 and Glaser was 23.

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10. Tab Hunter was a movie star and matinee idol in the 1950s.

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11. Tab Hunter wrote the story for, and starred in, Dark Horse, his last film.

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12. Tab Hunter played Mr Stuart, the substitute teacher in Grease 2, who sang "Reproduction".

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13. Tab Hunter played the lead in a swashbuckler shot in Italy, The Golden Arrow and was in a war movie for American International Pictures, Operation Bikini (1963).

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14. Tab Hunter had another hit single, "Ninety-Nine Ways", which peaked at No 11 in the United States and No 5 in the United Kingdom.

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15. Tab Hunter received strong critical acclaim for a performance he gave on TV in "Forbidden Area", the debut show of Playhouse 90, written by Rod Serling and directed by John Frankenheimer.

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16. Tab Hunter was in the third and tenth (The Sea Chase) most popular films of the year.

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17. Tab Hunter began acting on stage, appearing in a production of Our Town.

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18. Tab Hunter joined the United States Coast Guard aged 15, lying about his age to enlist.

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19. Tab Hunter was a Republican and supported the campaign of Dwight Eisenhower during the 1952 presidential election.

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20. In the book, Tab Hunter acknowledged that he was gay, confirming rumors that had circulated since the height of his fame.

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21. Tab Hunter had a major role in the 1988 horror film Cameron's Closet.

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22. Tab Hunter had the lead role in Sweet Kill, the first movie from director Curtis Hanson.

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23. Tab Hunter had a starring role as Debbie Reynolds's love interest in The Pleasure of His Company.

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24. Tab Hunter starred in the 1958 musical film Damn Yankees, in which he played Joe Hardy of Washington, DC's American League baseball club.

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25. Tab Hunter was sent to Catholic school by his religious mother.

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26. Tab Hunter was an American actor, singer, film producer and author.

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