19 Facts About Edward Small

1. Edward Small lacked the interest or ability to do the same.

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2. Edward Small seemed to stand for everything that Queen Victoria was not.

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3. Edward Small succeeded to the throne on Jan 22, 1901, at the age of 59 and was crowned on Aug 9, 1902.

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4. Edward Small has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his television work located at 1501 Vine Street.

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5. In 1970 Edward Small announced he had two television series and four films ready for production but only one was made, The Christine Jorgensen Story, which was Small's final movie.

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6. Edward Small made several low-budget comedies and horror films, including several directed by Sidney J Furie: Doctor Blood's Coffin, The Snake Woman and Three on a Spree (1961, a remake of Brewster's Millions).

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7. Edward Small occasionally made large budgeted films, usually in partnership with other producers.

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8. Edward Small made some war films: Timbuktu, a tale of the Foreign Legion; Operation Bottleneck (1961).

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9. Edward Small helped finance some war films, Sabre Jet and The Steel Lady (with Hunter), and the noir Wicked Woman (1953).

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10. Edward Small was reunited with Karlson and Payne for 99 River Street and he put Payne in a swashbuckler, Raiders of the Seven Seas.

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11. Edward Small produced two films directed by Karlson: Scandal Sheet from a novel by Sam Fuller; and The Brigand, a swashbuckler starring Valentinos Anthony Dexter.

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12. Edward Small ended up making eleven films for the studio over seven years where Columbia allowed him profit sharing after Columbia made up their investment in the film.

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13. Edward Small produced The Return of Monte Cristo for Columbia, with Hayward; then in mid-1946 signed another deal with United Artists.

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14. In March 1942 Edward Small threatened to strike again due to unhappiness with his deal.

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15. Edward Small sent an expedition to the Arctic and they made the documentary Igloo.

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16. Edward Small began producing films in the 1920s, when it became his full-time occupation.

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17. Edward Small helped William Goetz get his start in the industry by recommending him for a job at Corinne Griffith.

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18. Edward Small began his career as a talent agent in New York City.

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19. Edward Small was the son of Jewish Austrian-born Philip Schmalheiser and Prussian-born Rose Lewin, and had three sisters and two brothers.

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