31 Facts About John Frankenheimer

1. At the time, John Frankenheimer was scheduled to direct the prequel to "The Exorcist".

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2. John Frankenheimer directed another film he was proud of with an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's "52 Pick-Up", but the blackmail crime thriller starring Roy Scheider and Kelly Preston failed to generate much business at the box office.

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3. John Frankenheimer turned to more-commercial fare with French Connection II, a sequel to William Friedkin's 1971 classic crime thriller.

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4. In 1968 John Frankenheimer directed The Fixer, which was based on Bernard Malamud's acclaimed novel.

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5. John Frankenheimer shifted gears for his next film, Grand Prix, a race-car drama starring James Garner and Yves Montand.

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6. In 1961 John Frankenheimer made his second feature film, The Young Savages.

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7. John Frankenheimer uses a heightened visual style to underline the byzantine complexity of his story.

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8. John Frankenheimer shows Iselin at a press conference and Senate hearing, with details lifted directly from the Army-McCarthy hearings; as Iselin waves a list of "card-carrying communists", TV sets in the foreground show the same scene being carried on the news.

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9. John Frankenheimer relocated to Europe, no doubt mortified that Penn, Lumet, and Delbert Mann, lesser lights of live TV drama, had succeeded where he failed.

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10. John Frankenheimer agreed to take on the nightmarish production because he needed the money.

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11. In 1986, John Frankenheimer directed 52 Pick-Up, which was reasonably successful.

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12. John Frankenheimer took over the production from Charles Crichton; he would perform such a task a number of times over his career.

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13. John Frankenheimer was not afraid to use fast film stocks and new light cameras.

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14. John Frankenheimer made his first foray into film directing in 1956.

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15. John Frankenheimer told Jay Carr of the Boston Globe that "I did an awful lot of television, and out of that I developed a very fluid camera style.

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16. John Frankenheimer was born on February 19, 1930, in Melba, New York.

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17. John Frankenheimer is a member of the Television Hall of Fame, and was inducted in 2002.

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18. John Frankenheimer was scheduled to direct Exorcist: The Beginning, but it was announced before filming started that he was withdrawing, citing health concerns.

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19. John Frankenheimer directed two films for HBO in 1994: Against the Wall and The Burning Season that won him several awards and renewed acclaim.

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20. In 1981, John Frankenheimer travelled to Japan to shoot the cult martial-arts action film The Challenge, with Scott Glenn and legendary Japanese star Toshiro Mifune.

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21. John Frankenheimer calls it in the Champlin book "the only movie I've made which I would say was a total disaster.

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22. John Frankenheimer successfully demanded that his name be made part of the title, John Frankenheimer's The Train; that the French co-director, required by French tax laws, never be allowed to be on the film's set; that he be given total final cut on the film; and that he receive a Ferrari.

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23. John Frankenheimer had to fight to cast Lansbury who had worked with him on All Fall Down and was only three years older than Harvey, who would play her son in the film.

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24. John Frankenheimer said the film would have to be rewritten and partly reshot.

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25. John Frankenheimer began his directing career in live television at CBS.

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26. John Frankenheimer began studying film theory by reading books about other famous directors, such as Sergei Eisenstein along with how-to books about the craft of film making.

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27. John Frankenheimer developed an interest in acting as a career while in college but began thinking seriously about directing when he was in the Air Force.

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28. John Frankenheimer once speculated he might be related to actress Ally Sheedy.

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29. John Frankenheimer was born in Queens, New York, the son of Helen Mary and Walter Martin Frankenheimer, a stockbroker.

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30. John Frankenheimer developed a "tremendous propensity for exploring political situations" which would ensnare his characters.

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31. John Frankenheimer became a pioneer of the "modern-day political thriller", having begun his career at the peak of the Cold War.

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