20 Facts About Pierre Salinger


Pierre Emil George Salinger was an American journalist, author and politician.

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Pierre Salinger'sfather, Herbert Salinger, was a New York City-born mining engineer, and his mother, Jehanne, was a French-born journalist.

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Pierre Salinger was considered a child prodigy in music who played on a grand piano even before he learned to read.

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When he was 12, Pierre Salinger's mother told him his full-time piano studies were isolating him from society.

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Pierre Salinger attended public magnet Lowell High School in San Francisco.

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Pierre Salinger left SF State to enlist in the United States Navy in July 1943 and became skipper of a submarine chaser off Okinawa during World War II.

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Pierre Salinger worked on John Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1960 and became one of its leading figures.

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In October 1962, Pierre Salinger briefed the press about what had been learned about Soviet missiles being stationed in Cuba.

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At the time of President Kennedy's assassination in November 1963, Pierre Salinger was on a plane to Tokyo with six Cabinet members, including Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

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Pierre Salinger was to attend an economic conference and start working on a February 1964 visit by Kennedy as the first United States president to visit Japan since the end of World War II.

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Pierre Salinger published a biography of the president, With Kennedy, in 1966.

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Pierre Salinger's loss made California the sole Democratic-held seat to go Republican in what was otherwise a Democratic landslide.

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Pierre Salinger resigned from the Senate on December 31,1964, three days before his term was to expire.

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Murphy, who was to take office on January 3,1965, was appointed to fill the remaining two days of Pierre Salinger's term, giving Murphy a slight advantage in seniority in the Senate over other members elected in 1964 when seniority was more vital in Senate affairs than now.

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Pierre Salinger went on to work in the private sector, which included a stint as a vice president of Continental Airlines.

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Pierre Salinger, devastated by the assassination, moved to France and was a correspondent for the weekly news magazine L'Express.

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In 1978, Pierre Salinger took over Radio Caraibes International with his friend, the French advertising pioneer Jacques Dauphin.

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In 1981, Pierre Salinger was bestowed with a George Polk award for his scoop that the US government was secretly negotiating to free Americans held hostage by Iran.

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Pierre Salinger provided commentary on the 1989 Tour de France for ABC Sports.

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Three months after the explosion of TWA Flight 800, Pierre Salinger claimed to have received a document verifying conspiracy theories about the flight that it had been shot down by friendly fire, and that this had been covered up by the United States government.

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