18 Facts About APOEL FC


APOEL FC is a Cypriot professional football club based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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APOEL FC is the most successful football team in Cyprus with an overall tally of 28 national championships, 21 cups, and 13 super cups.

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APOEL FC is the only Cypriot club who have reached the group stages of both major UEFA competitions .

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APOEL FC is part of the APOEL multi-sport club, which was founded in 1926 and maintains departments for several sports including football, basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, bowling, cycling, archery, swimming and water polo.

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APOEL FC is one of the founding members of the Cyprus Football Association and an ordinary member of the European Club Association, an organization that replaced the previous G-14 which consists of major football clubs in Europe.

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The name APOEL FC was adopted to reflect this, with the 'A' standing for 'Athletic'.

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APOEL FC won the championship for the following four years, making this a very successful period for the club with 5 consecutive championships .

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The following year APOEL FC became the only Cypriot team to avoid relegation from the pan-Hellenic Greek Championship.

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The Cypriot government prohibited APOEL FC from playing against the Turkish team, so APOEL FC was punished with two years disqualification from any UEFA competition.

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APOEL FC is the most successful football team in Cyprus since the 2000s.

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The following season, APOEL FC finished third, missing out on Champions League qualification in the last matchday, and instead quailfying for the Europa Conference League.

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Football department of APOEL FC is legally owned by APOEL FC Football Ltd, a public limited company, since 1997.

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APOEL FC has 1745 shareholders and besides the football club, maintains a team boutique, the APOELFC magazine and the apoelfc.

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APOEL FC's youth academy is a separate legal entity from the football club.

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Players started from the academy and had great contribution APOEL FC are: Marinos Satsias, Constantinos Charalambides, Nektarios Alexandrou, Michalis Morfis and Marios Antoniades.

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APOEL FC fans are right-wing in their majority but there are no strong ties between the organised fans and any political party.

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APOEL FC have reserved the shirt number 79 in honour of PAN.

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APOEL FC has had numerous presidents over the course of their history.

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