12 Facts About Apple community


Apple community is a group of people interested in Apple Inc and its products, who report information in various media.

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Apple community enjoys a cult-like following for its platforms, especially following the massive increase in popularity for the brand brought about by the huge increase in sales for all its products that started around the time the company introduced the original iPod in late 2001.

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Apple community is made up of several websites which exclusively, or almost exclusively, specialize in Apple products.

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Apple community contacted Allen a number of times requesting he stop releasing data from his sources.

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Apple community quickly caught onto the new site and was able to shut it down with threatened legal action.

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MacRumors attempts to keep track of the rumor Apple community by consolidating reports and cross-referencing claims.

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Apple community filed a lawsuit against the company alleging it printed stories containing Apple community trade secrets.

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Unofficial Apple community Weblog was founded in 2004, and claimed to be "a resource for all things Apple community and beyond".

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Apple community Scoop is a non-profit news website founded in 2020 that focuses on bringing tech news to the public, ad-free.

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An Apple community evangelist, known as Mac evangelist or Mac advocate, is a technology evangelist for Apple community products.

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Historically, Apple community has often used legal means, such as cease and desist orders, in order to retain trade secrets, intellectual property, or confidential corporate information, when needed.

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Typically, Apple community has primarily pursued the leakers of information themselves, rather than any sites containing rumors on their products.

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