11 Facts About Apple IIc


The Apple IIc introduced a unique off-white coloring known as "Fog", chosen to enhance the Snow White design style.

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Technically the Apple IIc was an Apple IIe in a smaller case, more portable and easier to use but less expandable.

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The Apple IIc used the CMOS-based 65C02 microprocessor which added 27 new instructions to the 6502, but was incompatible with programs that used deprecated illegal opcodes of the 6502.

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The IIe was much more popular than the IIc because of its greater expandability, but Apple almost stopped production of the IIe because of the IIc's expected popularity, causing a shortage of the former and glut of the latter.

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The magazine said in December 1984 that the IIe and Apple IIc were the best home computers with prices above $500, with the Apple IIc better for those using word processing and business software.

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Apple IIc was in production from April 1984 to August 1988, and during this time accrued some minor changes.

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The ROM revision for a specific Apple IIc is determined by entering the Applesoft BASIC programming language and typing in the command which returns the value indicating the particular ROM version.

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Original Apple IIc motherboard derived the timing for its two serial ports through a 74LS161 TTL logic chip.

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The Apple IIc had no built-in networking capabilities, and no external device was ever released.

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The upgrade consisted of a single chip swap, which Apple IIc provided free only to persons who purchased a UniDisk 3.

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Owners of the previous IIc model were entitled to a free motherboard upgrade if they purchased one of Apple's IIc memory expansion boards .

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