14 Facts About Apple Mouse


Apple Mouse Inc has designed and manufactured several models of mice, trackpads and other pointing devices, primarily for use with Macintosh computers.

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Mice made by Apple contained a ball-tracking control mechanism, until the Pro Mouse in 2000 when Apple moved to an optical-based tracking mechanism.

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In 1979, Apple Mouse was planning to develop a business computer, and arranged a visit with the Xerox Parc research center to view some of their experimental technology.

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Hundreds of prototypes later, Apple settled on a single button mouse, roughly the size of a deck of cards.

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Mouse created for the Apple Lisa was one of the first commercial mice ever produced.

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The following year, Apple Mouse unified its product lines by adopting a uniform "Platinum" gray color for all products.

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Four months after the Macintosh debut, the Apple IIc was introduced with the addition of an optional mouse to manipulate standard 80 column text.

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Unlike the Macintosh, the IIc Apple Mouse shared a dual purpose port with gaming devices like joysticks.

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Since this was a dedicated mouse port, Apple simply re-packaged the Macintosh mouse, but with the same creamy-beige cable and connector used on the IIc mouse and bundled it along with special software called MousePaint for use with the Apple II, II Plus, and IIe computers.

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Since the original Apple Mouse IIc was compatible across all platforms, Apple renamed the mouse in 1985 and offered it as an optional purchase for all computers and separate from the Apple II interface card.

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In September 1986, Apple Mouse continued a year of major change by converting its mice and keyboards to the Apple Mouse Desktop Bus .

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Mighty Apple Mouse includes a touch-sensitive button design that supports left and right click, as well as a scroll ball that supports 360-degree scroll movement.

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The Magic Apple Mouse 2 has been included with the iMac, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro, and is available as a separate purchase.

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Apple Mouse was one of the first computer manufacturers to include a built-in trackball into a complete system with the Macintosh Portable in 1989.

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