13 Facts About Aptana


Aptana, Inc is a company that makes web application development tools for use with a variety of programming languages .

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Aptana Studio is an open-source integrated development environment for building web applications.

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Aptana Studio is available as a standalone on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, or as a plugin for Eclipse.

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Aptana Studio provides support for Python in the form of the PyDev plugin.

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Aptana announced that their previously commercial Pydev Extensions are now open sourced.

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The Nokia WRT Plug-in for Aptana Studio provides features that enable the creation, editing, testing and deployment of WRT widgets from within Aptana Studio.

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Aptana Studio comes with the following JavaScript libraries, but more can be added or updated if desired.

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Aptana Studio is available as an open source Community Edition.

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Aptana offers the simplified APL license for organizations that don't need to redistribute Aptana Studio or its derivatives outside of the company.

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Aptana is an active participant in the OpenAjax Alliance, with Hakman serving as director of the IDE Working Group.

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Employees of Aptana were absorbed to the Mountain View campus of Appcelerator and work was scheduled to continue on the release of Aptana 3.

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Aptana Jaxer provides a page-processing environment based on the Mozilla engine.

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Aptana Cloud Connect is Aptana's web hosting and application management service.

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