20 Facts About Nokia

1. In October 2009, Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc in the US District Court of Delaware claiming that Apple infringed on 10 of its patents related to wireless communication including data transfer.

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2. In July 2009, Nokia began to experience a boycott of their products and services in Iran.

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3. In 2007, Nokia had a market capitalization of €110 billion; by 17 July 2012 this had fallen to €6.28 billion, and by 23 February 2015, it increased to €26.07 billion.

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4. On 7 May 2018, Nokia announced that it has acquired a California based IoT startup, SpaceTime Insight.

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5. On 19 January 2018, Nokia signed a deal with NTT Docomo, Japan's largest mobile operator, to provide 5G wireless radio base stations in the country by 2020.

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6. In 2017, Nokia's brand value jumped 147 places to 188th place compared to 2016 in the Brand Finance ranking.

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7. In February 2017 Nokia carried out a 5G connection in Oulu, Finland using the 5GTF standard, backed by Verizon, on Intel architecture-based equipment.

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8. On 28 June 2016 Nokia demonstrated for the first time a 5G-ready network.

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9. On 26 April 2016, Nokia announced its intent to acquire French connected health device maker Withings for US$191 million.

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10. On 28 July 2015, Nokia announced OZO, a 360-degrees virtual reality camera, with eight 2K optical image sensors.

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11. On 1 August 2011, Nokia announced that it would adopt a new three-digit naming system for mobile phone products and stop using letters, effectively ending the Nseries, Eseries, and short-lived Cseries.

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12. In March 2011, Nokia introduced a new corporate typeface called "Pure".

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13. Around this time Nokia started a new project codenamed "Meltemi", a platform for low-end smartphones.

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14. On 11 February 2011, Nokia announced a "strategic partnership" with Microsoft, under which it would adopt Windows Phone 7 as its primary operating system on smartphones, and integrate its services and platforms with its own, including Bing as search engine, and integration of Nokia Maps data into Bing Maps.

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15. In November 2008 Nokia announced it would end mobile phone sales in Japan because of low market share.

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16. In 2005 Nokia developed a Linux-based operating system called Maemo, which shipped that year on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

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17. In 2002, Nokia attempted to break into the handheld gaming market with the N-Gage.

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18. On 26 April 2001 Nokia partnered with Telefonica to supply DSL modems and routers in Spain.

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19. On 1 April 1988 Nokia bought the computer division of Ericsson's Information Systems, which originated as a computer division of Swedish aircraft and car manufacturer Saab called Datasaab.

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20. In 1987, Nokia acquired Schaub-Lorenz, the consumer operations of Germany's Standard Elektrik Lorenz, which included its "Schaub-Lorenz" and "Graetz" brands.

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