35 Facts About Intel

1. On January 24th, Intel announced its fourth-quarter and full-year figures for 2018, and they make for extraordinary reading.

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2. In 2006, Intel expanded its promotion of open specification platforms beyond Centrino, to include the Viiv media center PC and the business desktop Intel vPro.

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3. In 2008, Intel planned to shift the emphasis of its Intel Inside campaign from traditional media such as television and print to newer media such as the Internet.

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4. In June 2013, Intel unveiled its fourth generation of Intel Core processors in an event named Computex in Taipei.

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5. In January 2019, Intel announced an investment of over $11 billion on a new Israeli chip plant, as told by the Israeli Finance Minister.

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6. The European Commission said that Intel had deliberately acted to keep competitors out of the computer chip market and in doing so had made a "serious and sustained violation of the EU's antitrust rules".

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7. In February 2008, Intel stated that its office in Munich had been raided by European Union regulators.

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8. In 1994, Intel sanctioned one of the earliest corporate Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender employee groups, and supports a Muslim employees group, a Jewish employees group, and a Bible-based Christian group.

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9. As of 2014 Intel employs 10,000 workers at four development centers and two production plants in Israel.

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10. In March 2014, it was reported that Intel would embark upon a $6 billion plan to expand its activities in Israel.

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11. In January 2014, it was reported that Intel would cut about 5,000 jobs from its work force of 107,000.

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12. As of 2017 Intel shares are mainly held by institutional investors.

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13. On June 21, 2018, Intel announced the resignation of Brian Krzanich as CEO, with the exposure of a relationship he had with an employee.

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14. In a video posted on YouTube, Intel accepted this fact and called for further testing.

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15. In 2009, Intel announced that it planned to undertake an effort to remove conflict resources—materials sourced from mines whose profits are used to fund armed militant groups, particularly within the Democratic Republic of the Congo—from its supply chain.

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16. On January 6, 2014, Intel announced that it was "teaming with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony around the wearable tech field.

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17. In July 2011, Intel announced that its server chips, the Xeon series, will use new sensors that can improve data center cooling efficiency.

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18. In June 2011, Intel introduced the first Pentium mobile processor based on the Sandy Bridge core.

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19. In September 2011 Intel stopped working on MeeGo and partnered with Samsung to create Tizen, a new project hosted by the Linux Foundation.

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20. In 2007 Intel formed the Moblin project to create an open source Linux operating system for x86-based mobile devices.

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21. In November 2014, Intel revealed that it is going to use light beams to speed up supercomputers.

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22. In June 1994, Intel engineers discovered a flaw in the floating-point math subsection of the P5 Pentium microprocessor.

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23. In 2017, Intel announced that the Itanium 9700 series would be the last Itanium chips produced.

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24. In March 2017, Intel announced that they had agreed to purchase Mobileye, an Israeli developer of "autonomous driving" systems for US$15.3 billion.

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25. In December 2016, Intel acquired computer vision startup Movidius for an undisclosed price.

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26. In August 2016, Intel purchased deep-learning startup Nervana Systems for $350 million.

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27. In October 2015, Intel bought cognitive computing company Saffron Technology for an undisclosed price.

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28. In June 2015, Intel announced its agreement to purchase FPGA design company Altera for $16.7 billion, in its largest acquisition to date.

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29. In February 2015, Intel announced its agreement to purchase German network chipmaker Lantiq, to aid in its expansion of its range of chips in devices with Internet connection capability.

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30. In July 2013, Intel confirmed the acquisition of Omek Interactive, an Israeli company that makes technology for gesture-based interfaces, without disclosing the monetary value of the deal.

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31. In October 2011, Intel reached a deal to acquire Telmap, an Israeli-based navigation software company.

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32. In September 2016, Intel sold a majority stake in its computer-security unit to TPG Capital, reversing the five-year-old McAfee acquisition.

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33. In the same year, Intel produced the 3301 Schottky bipolar 1024-bit read-only memory and the first commercial metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) silicon gate SRAM chip, the 256-bit 1101.

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34. The total initial investment in Intel was $2.5 million convertible debentures and $10,000 from Rock.

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35. In the 1980s, Intel was among the top ten sellers of semiconductors in the world.

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