10 Facts About VIA Technologies


VIA Technologies Inc, is a Taiwanese manufacturer of integrated circuits, mainly motherboard chipsets, CPUs, and memory.

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In 1999, VIA Technologies acquired most of Cyrix, then a division of National Semiconductor.

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That same year, VIA Technologies acquired Centaur Technology from Integrated Device Technology, marking its entry into the x86 microprocessor market.

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In January 2005, VIA Technologies began the VIA Technologies pc-1 Initiative, to develop information and communication technology systems to benefit those with no access to computers or Internet.

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On 29 August 2008, VIA Technologies announced that they would release official 2D accelerated Linux drivers for their chipsets, and would release 3D accelerated drivers.

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In 2013, VIA Technologies entered into an agreement with the Shanghai Municipal Government to create a fabless semiconductor company called Zhaoxin.

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VIA Technologies retained the x86 licence and associated patents, and its Zhaoxin CPU joint-venture continues.

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VIA Technologies has produced multiple x86 compatible CPUs, through its acquisitions of Cyrix and Centaur Technology.

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VIA Technologies included the VIA Technologies Envy soundcard on its motherboards, which offered 24-bit sound.

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VIA Technologies was granted a three-year grace period in which it could continue to use Intel socket infrastructure.

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