13 Facts About Ericsson

1. In September 2014, Ericsson announced it would stop developing modems, shutting a loss-making unit it took on after joint venture partner STMicroelectronics pulled out.

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2. In September 2014, Ericsson acquired majority stake in Apcera for cloud policy compliance.

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3. On 20 June 2017, Bloomberg disclosed that Ericsson hired Morgan Stanley to explore the sale of its media businesses.

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4. In September 2013, Ericsson completed its acquisition of Microsoft's Mediaroom business and televisions services, originally announced in April the same year.

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5. On 1 July 2013, Ericsson announced it would acquire the media management company Red Bee Media, subject to regulatory approval.

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6. On 3 May 2013, Ericsson announced it would divest its power cable operations to Danish company NKT Holding.

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7. In 2011, Ericsson acquired manufacturing and research facilities, and staff from the Guangdong Nortel Telecommunication Equipment Company as well as Nortel's Multiservice Switch business.

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8. In 2008, Ericsson sold its enterprise PBX division to Aastra Technologies, and acquired Tandberg Television, the television technology division of Norwegian company Tandberg.

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9. In 2007, Ericsson acquired carrier edge-router maker Redback Networks, and then Entrisphere, a US-based company providing fiber-access technology.

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10. In September 2006, Ericsson sold the greater part of its defense business Ericsson Microwave Systems, which mainly produced sensor and radar systems, to Saab AB, which renamed the company to Saab Microwave Systems.

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11. In October 2005, Ericsson acquired the bulk of the troubled UK telecommunications manufacturer Marconi Company, including its brand name that dates back to the creation of the original Marconi Company by the "father of radio" Guglielmo Marconi.

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12. In December 1999, Microsoft and Ericsson announced a strategic partnership to combine the former's web browser and server software with the latter's mobile-internet technologies.

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13. In 1928, Ericsson began issuing "A" and "B" shares; an "A" share had 1000 votes against a "B" share.

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